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Other People's Pantries #126

From Cindy, in Missouri:

After looking at hundreds of pantries online and in magazines, I dreamed of cramming a big beautiful walk in/butler's pantry into a 48" X 26" space. This is what I came up with. My dad and I (aren't dads wonderful!) completed this in just two weekends.


What I had before were 4 wire shelves and wobbly, squeaky bi-fold doors. The shelves are really sturdy because they are made out of ready made stair treads that we bought at Home Depot. The table is just a false front with a drawer built into to it to look like a farm table.


Organization is the key to a small pantry like this. I am blessed that I live close to several large supermarkets so I try to not buy anything unless I plan to use it right away.


All boxed foods, breads, snacks are stored in the baskets. Pastas, teas, and envelope type foods are in jars. Top shelf is for old pottery, jars, and cookbooks. I do have an additional 12" base cabinet in my island that I store all my flour, sugar, spices etc. in.


I think my favorite part is the cereal dispenser which has completely eliminated the boxes and boxes of half eaten cereal.

On Saturdays, for more than two years, we've been peeking into Other People's Pantries all around the world.

Here's how.

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I love using baskets to organize things. I love the matching color of yours!

Awesome, I think one of the best pantries eveh!

two things i like the most.....the doors and the stash of worster sauce!

I love your pantry. It is very pretty and organized. Looks very professional.

I am glad that you have shown the cereal dispenser. I have often considered getting one for my son-in-law but wondered if people really used them once they bought them.

I love this pantry.The doors are great and it is so well organized

Very, very nice. I will remember the use of stair treads as sturdy shelves. I will also get a cereal dispenser for my daughter and her kids. It's most special that you have a special memory made with your dad.

What a gorgeous pantry!

Thank you all for the compliments. This was a part of a complete kitchen remodel and at times I think it is my favorite part of the new kitchen. I am amazed though that my family seems to have a harder time finding things now then they did before. Maybe they were just lucky that when they opened the doors before the very item they were looking for would be the thing that fell out on their heads...LOL

I don't know how I lived without the cereal dispenser before. I am trained to only buy when we need it, and I have no spills or boxes upon boxes of half eaten cereal.

Ohhhhh - that's *beautiful*! I would take the doors off! LOL! Color me green with envy!

Gorgeous! I could look at pictures like this all day, I think I have an organizing obsession. LOL

Great job!!

Oh so neat and beautiful.

"Ohhhhh - that's *beautiful*! I would take the doors off! LOL"

The doors have glass in them so it does add to the need to stay tidy....LOL

Now if I could just get the dog and my grandson to understand the whole glass "reflection" thing and they would both stop giving the other kid/dog "kisses" my job would be a whole lot easier.

WOW! So beautiful! So organized! I LOVE butler/walk-in pantries, there is just something about them that is so appealing! :) Kudos to you, & your Dad for doing an AWESOME job!

Wow! The doors are wonderful, but not needed since it is so well organized and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Your pantry is beautiful in every way. What a great project to do with your Dad.

Okay, THIS is my dream pantry. I love the micro/toaster/cereal center! So organized, homey and chic at the same time! Way to go...you are fortunate to have such a wonderful Dad! ;-)

Lucky you to have such a handy dad and this beautiful and well organized pantry! With the new doors and sturdy shelves, you've got great storage in your kitchen now compared to the "4 wire shelves and wobbly, squeaky bi-fold doors" you had before. I wonder if the rest of the world gets as excited about pantries as we do??? Probably not, poor dears.

I have to say - Spectacular pantry!!!
there are a lot of comments about the doors. I like them and the glass looks frosted? so it is nice to be able to close the doors when company comes but the style of door (gate opening) makes them easier to leave open so microwave etc can be accessed.
But the stair treads are the real tip of the day!!

The classy punch that no one mentioned but everyone saw was the pantry fixtures are black and brown whereas the rest of the kitchen looks like white woodwork with pale green walls. The dark color draws the eye and gives it an exciting place to rest. Great texture on the baskets, everything in its place so nothing is distracting. A very well thought out space. You could cook in the dark because you know where everything is! Great Job.

I want a cereal dispenser. They look like they take up less room than the glass containers I use at present.

Your pantry is awesome and so organised. I, too, live just a couple of minutes from three major supermarkets (spoilt, I know)so also only buy a lot of stuff as I need it to save space.

Love how you have hidden the micro and the fact that everything now has a place! So pretty, so functional, and very chic.

Gotta love Dad! Great use of the stair treads!

I want these doors where did you get them

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