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Other People's Pantries #125

There are two posts today. Be sure to check out Introducing Market to Pantry, about our new Saturday feature starting in July.

From Brooke (There's No Cookin' Like SNOW Cookin') in Texas:

I have been reading your blog for over a year, and have followed this feature most intently. We started a pantry build-out last year and I couldn't wait for it to be done so I could submit my pictures! I love to cook, and we have a large family, so it's necessary to plan ahead.  We have a pantry full, plus several cupboards and shelves for food storage. It's so nice to be finally moved in and working out of it!


Left side includes (from the top): boxed cereal (we've got a big family), noodles, boxed sides like stuffing, condiments and sauces, cake mixes, baking ingredients, snacks for the kids (at their eye level), breakfast stuff (that the kids can reach), smaller bins of flour and sugars, extra bags of flour, sugar, a tin full of gravy and sauce mixes, oils and vinegars.


Middle includes: breads, tortillas, onions, potatoes, garlic, buckets of dry beans, rice, lentils, split peas and instant potatoes, oh, and the always necessary stash of Jell-o/gelatins/puddings... remember, I have kids -- 3 four and under, plus a bigger one who could eat everything in this pantry in a week. Kind of makes me want to install a lock, a chair, a magazine rack and have some time out basking in the light of the window. But I digress.


Right side includes (from the top): #10 cans for longer term food storage (not pictured), additional cereal, canned meats, canned milks, canned fruits, canned veggies, canned beans, sauces, and soups, and big buckets of jasmine rice, white sugar and white flour.


Next to my stove I have this cupboard where I keep my spices (so very not organized right now), my bottled fruits and vegetables (most of which are hidden behind doors on the top) and my ever present hoard of hot cocoa. I look forward to the day when I've got this as organized as my pantry!


We're still rearranging the bigger food storage stuff, which will have a place inside finally. I also keep my extra fridge out here (not pictured).

On Saturdays, for more than two years, we've been peeking into Other People's Pantries all around the world.

Here's how.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your pantry.....beyond nice.

Your pantry is very well stocked and organized. I love the natural light from the window!

Wow! What a great pantry, you are ready for anything. Thanks for sharing.

This is my favorite Saturday ritual. I love reading these posts having my coffee and getting ideas for when I have a big pantry!

Looks great, Brooke!

What a marvelous pantry!

WoW!!! That is a nice pantry! Mine is tiny in comparison.
Love the organization that goes into it. Nice lighting too, by the way.

Regarding the fritters, a yogurt sauce sounds perfect.

Thanks for the comments! I love my pantry, especially now that we're totally moved into it. I've got the spices and the garage more organized, plus a whole closet inside totally dedicated to the #10 can/longer term storage. The kids love being able to get themselves snacks and breakfast. The organization is imperative when you've got a big family and lots of food. It's all inventoried so I know when I'm getting low on something. The window is awesome, and the view out onto some of our Oleanders is great this time of year!

I've loved reading about everyone's pantries, so many that I envy!

Holy cow. Come the revolution I'm coming to your house! Awesome! Even with reasonable storage I end up at the grocery store almost every day.

My dream pantry has a lock, an over-stuffed easy chair... a reading light, ...a laptop....maybe even a coffeemaker....

OK maybe I just need to turn the whole house into a pantry!! (no boys allowed!)

Great pantry - congrats!

Wow! a real walk-in pantry. Delightful.

i love your pantry, i do have a question does the window affect the food quality or cause any melting of items??

I've had no problems with it heating up in there. The window faces East, so the morning sun comes through the window, but it's still cool in the mornings. I also have hung a nice Roman shade in the window if I don't want the sun to come in.

As I've researched food storage, more people say your food will last much longer if you keep it stored at 70° or lower. Because our house is kept that cool, any food stored in our home should last a very long time.

Love this. Just found this site and so far your pantry is one of my favorites. We are a large family too, with 5 kids, so this is very inspiring as I start building my pantry and food storage. ;)

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