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Other People's Pantries #124

From Tamara (Cyder with Eloise), in Cambridgeshire, England:

My key storage jar (with the red lids!) is from a local supermarket tomato purée. I buy it in bulk more for the jar than for the contents. I have become obsessed with building up my spice cupboard in these jars as I find the conventional jars too small.


One day (when I buy a house) I am going to make a spice rack to fit all these jars, then they will free up cupboard space. I buy all my spices in bulk as I use so much it is a whole lot cheaper.


Renting a house causes storage problems as I can see so many ways I could improve my kitchen but I am limited, for example check out the wall paper in one of the cupboards, what were they thinking!

Like Candelaria [Other People's Pantries #114] I also buy my rice in bulk, so I use kilner jars to store it in. There are also two packs of ready made instant custard in this cupboard -- they are my husband's guilty pleasure -- honest.


As you can see I have laid it all bare, I didn't tidy a thing for you -- this is how I live, but this is when I'm at my happiest in my kitchen.

I would also like to share with you a photo of my grandmother's pantry. 


I think I have always aspired to a real pantry like hers since I was very little.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Hello Lydia, thank you for the post on my pantry. I'm feeling a little guilty now and think I should go and give the kitchen a sort out. This has been a great series and I look forward to what else you have planned.

I think granny should become a pantry consultant....I would hire her!!!!

thanks for sharing....your commentary made up for the bad wallpaper haha

Re-purposed jars are great, I find new uses every day, but I must say the red lids caught my eye! Thanks so much for sharing.

Wowza - the contents and the way you have them organised is amazing! Heading over to your blog to see if you share some secrets, recipes -- what a varied pantry! ~ chapati flour! -- all those spices! I once found the best storage jars at an Asian store in Austin, wish I had bought many more.

I loved your jar story, as I find jars tempting too. I like the ones that are hexagonal, or other unusual shapes. Once I bought a case of baby food (a more squat shape that the usual) to use the jars for spices. Even the usual ones are good for the purpose. Too bad they're moving away from glass.
Nice to see that you're holding up the family honor with your pantry!

I love your pantry - it has a homey feel to it. I spied the Chapati Flour and now will go on a mad hunt to find it to make the flat bread. I prefer to eat some form of flat breads in the summer so I will add it to my collection.

Sometimes we need to see our own stuff (pantry) in photos then we make changes, like something opened our eyes! This pantry is "practice" for your new house!
I'm a bit jar obsessed as well!
Agree, now I need a chapati flour as well!
What are all the small bottles on the second shelf from your grandmother pantry?
I think the wall paper adds some personality and fun!

Such a contrast in yours and your grandmother's pantry and I can't tell you which I like better. I love neat and tidy but I love function and you both have it.
I think your re-cycled jars are the best! I did realize when we moved last, I shouldn't keep everyone. Now I have a shelf for jars and try very hard not to let it over flow;0)

I have been making flat breads quite a lot recently, I posted a recipe on 23rd May on my site, for which you can use chapati instead, or if you can not get hold of it then 1/2 wholemeal and 1/2 white works just as well.

Lili, I think the small bottles are essences (such as vanilla) and food colourings.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about reading these posts is seeing the different products people in different countries have on their shelves. I used to live in Canada and I often spy an ingredient on someone's shelf that fondly reminds me of that time.

Isn't it fun when one label draws so many comments. I too like the brand name search - for me this time it was BeanZ. I don't think we have that in the U.S. And I love the wallpaper. I have often thought about, but never acted on, wallpapering the back surface of easily visible cupboards with favorite post cards or greeting cards that I love. The closest I've come to that are two nudes done in art class 40 years ago. They've relocated to seven kitchens over the years.
Please tell me that Granny cooks for a men's fraternity - Oh My Gosh! You Go Granny!

I really like how you organize things on the picture with the spice rack compared to bulky ones in the other pics. It's clean and neat now and accessible and a lot more organized. great post!

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