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Introducing "Market to Pantry", our new Saturday feature

Updated March 2012.


Here in northwest Rhode Island, I buy eggs at a farm stand just up the road, and tomatoes (for slow-roasted tomatoes) and garlic at a farm stand a bit farther along.

For basic pantry items, however, I drive five miles to Dino's Park & Shop, a small independent supermarket that is the only food market in our town (population 10,000).

Organics and Asian ingredients.

Dino's doesn't have much in the way of Asian condiments or frozen shrimp or the oat-bran pita I use for pizza bases, but in the past year it's really been expanding, adding some organic produce and other items I like to keep in the pantry. They have Greek yogurt and Nutella® and tomato paste in a tube, and wonton wrappers and whole wheat pasta and bread flour, and spices and canned tomatoes and onions.

And at this time of year, I can buy herb and vegetable plants there, too.

A selection of vinegars at Dino's.

Where do you stock your pantry?

Show us, in MARKET TO PANTRY, our new Saturday feature (alternating with Other People's Pantries), starting on July 10.

Whether supermarket, farmer's market, ethnic market, hyper-market, fish market, cheese market, or the mini mart on the corner across from your apartment building, we want to see where you find ingredients to fill your perfect pantry.

Have you stopped at the perfect roadside stand for organic garlic, or at the bean farmer's tents in New Mexico? Do you stock up at a pasta shop in Rome, or a spice market in New York City? Have you brought chile peppers home from Mexico or noodles from Japan?

Do you shop at Costco or BJ's or WalMart or Whole Foods? Do you make a special trip to a special store for chili paste or vanilla beans? Do you live across the street from Zingerman's (one of my readers does!) or shop at the Ferry Plaza Market or the Union Square Greenmarket?

Five flavors of eggs?

Show us your markets! Share your sources, the places where the price is right or the selection is irresistible, the store that feeds your craving for one very special ingredient or feeds your family with everyday pantry staples.

I've shown you one of mine. Now, you show me yours.

Send (to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com):

  • photos (not more than 5) of your market, indoors/outdoors, along with a sentence or two about where the market is, what kinds of things you buy there, etc.
  • your first name,
  • city or state or country where you live, and
  • if you're a blogger, your blog name and URL.

Photos should be JPGs, the largest file size you have (big big big!), and I'll size to fit.

You can send photos of as many markets as you wish, as often as you wish. I'll feature one market per post, but there's no limit on how many markets you can share.

On Saturdays, I'll post the photos, one market each weekend in the order in which I receive them, along with your first name, and, if you're a blogger, a link to your blog.

Send everything to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com.

Come on -- break out your camera, and show us your favorite markets.

[UPDATE: As of March 1, 2012, this feature has ended.]

Disclosure: The Perfect Pantry earns a few pennies on purchases made through the Amazon.com links in this post. Thank you for supporting this site when you start your shopping here.


brilliant idea....cant wait to see the responses

I'm so glad to see your new feature. Even photos of Trader Joe's will be welcome -- for a while!

You always have the best ideas! :)

This will be fun to see the markets!

I love this new feature. It will be like traveling! What a wonderful idea. I will definitely send in pictures of my favorite markets.

yay! Love the new feature! I'll be curious to see where other people shop -- love the little "farm-stand" with goat cheese. that would never fly in Cambridge.

This is an interesting idea Lydia.

Do they have chocolate eggs??

What a great idea! I'm so glad to see it will be alternating with the pantry feature!

Hehe, you mentioned me. :) I'll do my best to send some pics soon!

Now's the time to put some people in the photos! Kalyn IN Costo would be perfect...

Great idea. I look forward to participating and to seeing what other readers send in.

WHERE TO BEGIN!!! I am so lucky to have so many great sources of specialty items here in the Boston metro area. At least 3 different places for sausage alone or maybe the deli where I get the great Romano or what about the most fantastic small pasta shop, bread and rolls straight off the line.......oh I can't decide!!!!

Everyone -- thanks for your enthusiasm! I can't wait to see where you shop for the goodies in your pantries, so send in your photos any time and I'll begin to schedule. This is going to be such fun!

Man, I wish I lived across from a Zingerman's!

I'll be sure to send along pics of the community market and supermarkets we shop at here in Kuching.

I shop at Central Market in Dallas. They have a large selection of produce, buffalo and bulk spices. I try to limit myself to 2x a month because I tend to go overboard when I am shopping there. I also take a lot of their classes. I also just found Rudolph's Meat Market east of downtown Dallas. I don't know what took so long for me to find them. They have been around since 1895.

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