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The Perfect Pantry's top 10 asparagus recipes


Both the calendar and my garden have been trying to tell me for weeks that Spring has, officially, sprung.

Chive blossoms, young leaves of tarragon and thyme, sage and lovage -- all stand ready to be called to duty in the kitchen. But to me, it's not Spring, officially, until I can buy asparagus at the farm. Asparagus, picked that morning, bright green and full of life. No woody stems to snap off. Good enough to eat raw.

Here in Rhode Island, Spring will spring, officially, this weekend. With asparagus from the farm stand, and a few key pantry items that let the vegetable shine -- particularly eggs and rice -- I'm ready to enjoy some of my favorite recipes.

Here are my Top 10 asparagus recipes, and the pantry ingredients that make them possible:

Sausage, egg and asparagus pizza

Asparagus with eggs:
Sausage, egg and asparagus pizza
, a surprise hit, made on an oat-bran pita.
Asparagus, mushroom and turkey sausage quiche, perfect for lunch or a picnic.
Asparagus frittata, an easy weeknight dinner or brunch dish.
Red pepper, asparagus and spinach quiche, a lovely vegetarian main course.

Mushroom, asparagus and red pepper paella

Asparagus with rice:
Mushroom and asparagus paella, made with Valencia or bomba rice.
Risotto with shrimp and asparagus, and saffron to complete the color palette.

Roasted asparagus with manchego cheese

Asparagus with cheese:
Roasted asparagus with manchego cheese
Asparagus and cheese tart

Asparagus, nectarine and tomato salad

Asparagus with other pantry staples:
Asparagus, nectarine and tomato salad, dressed with pomegranate molasses and balsamic vinaigrette.
Asparagus soup, made with store bought or homemade stock.

For printer-friendly versions of the recipes, click on each link above.

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...your roasted asparagus with machengo cheese sounds so good...

I want to make all 10 of these!!!!


ditto on what momgateway said.

The photo of the pizza and the paella have just made me crazy with desire ... I have to try that pizza this weekend!

I love that very top photo of the asparagus. Now I wish I had some in my veggie crisper!

I love the look of that asparagus pizza. I make something similar in a pan with no base, but what a fantastic idea to use a pita.

There was a patient that would bring us 20lbs of asparagus from his farm every year. We were so sorry when he got better:D

Wonderful ideas! I am definitely going to try the asparagus & egg pizza.

"Asparagus, nectarine and tomato salad with pomegranate molasses" SOLD! Love that one!

Me, too! Me, too! I want to make all 10 of these recipes.


Yes, more asparagus, please! Yummy recipes.

Just got a bunch of asparagus in my veggie box! Now need to decide which recipe to choose...

Thanks for the recipes and ideas. I love asparagus and only ever cook them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I like the recipe with the cheese - that I will definitely do!

I'm surprised at how many asparagus recipes I've published here! I really do love asparagus and wait all winter for the season to begin. Last year I discovered that you can freeze asparagus. The texture gets a bit mushy, but for soups, stews, etc., it's fine, and the flavor of spring asparagus in the middle of winter is incomparable. Do try it!

I wash and trim then sprinkle with olive oil, S&P and some granulated garlic and grill for a few mins - great in this simplicity but all those recipes look divine!
frozen asparagus would make lovely cream of asparagus - mid winter!

Lydia, love all the asparagus recipes & in particular the one with the fruit. YUM!

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