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Other People's Pantries #122

From Melody, in Greenfield, Indiana:

This is my (to me) tiny pantry. I do a lot of baking so the top shelf is overflowing with flours and baking supplies.


My spices are all kept in a plastic box in a kitchen cabinet.  We keep rice, lentils and other whole grains on the rack on the door of the pantry.


We have a basket of baby foods on the second shelf along with dry goods -- pastas and such.  The third shelf is all jarred items. We've gone mostly BPA free so you'll notice that there aren't many cans. The fourth shelf is miscellaneous items -- canning salt, meal prep.


On the floor we keep snacks, onions, garlic and potatoes all in baskets. It's not ideal but we really don't have a better place to keep them.

That's it!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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thanks for sharing.....I came thiscloseto trying to steal a bar of tlc! haha

What a nicely organized pantry!

It may be small but it is very organized and gives easy access to your ingredients.

Nicely done, small requires a lot of organization (and the memory to know where everything is!) and yours looks great.

It may be small, but just goes to show you can fit A LOT into a small space. Your pantry looks great!

I like the baskets, it's a great way to keep everything organised.

I love the idea of using the door, an idea that I may have to borrow.

I love the little shelf, under a larger shelf at the lowest level. A tiny pantry like this demands organization and you've hit the nail on the head. Much easier for the cook and their helpers!

Thanks for all the kind words. We sold our house shortly before my pantry was featured so now as we are looking for a builder I'll have a chance to build my dream pantry space :)

Melody, I hope you'll get some good ideas for your new pantry by looking through the Other People's Pantries archives. So much creativity here!


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