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Nutella® (Recipe: apples with Nutella and walnuts)

Apples with Nutella and walnuts, a perfect kid-friendly dessert.

Free of charge, here's a marketing suggestion for the manufacturers in Italy and Canada who between them make all of the world's supply of Nutella®:

Attach a spoon to every jar you sell.

You'll be heroes to folks everywhere who eat it straight from the jar. (Are you one of those people?)

Nutella, the chocolate-hazelnut spread that goes on like peanut butter and tastes like heaven, brings out the child in all of us. It's the snack many Italian moms gave their kids after school, the snack the rest of us wish our moms had known about.

I love Nutella for quick and easy party desserts, but I'm not a very creative dessert maker. One of these days, I'll just serve each of my guests his or her own little jar of Nutella. With a spoon.

What is Nutella®?
A spread made of chocolate, hazelnuts and skim milk, with the consistency of peanut butter.

How/where to store:
At room temperature, even after it's opened.

More facts about Nutella, and ingredient photos, in The Perfect Pantry:
Nutella (Recipe: banana or strawberry quesadillas)

Apple dipped in Nutella and walnuts 

Apples with Nutella and walnuts

This could just as easily be apples with pistachios, pears with hazelnuts, or pears with pecans. In other words, use a sturdy, sliceable fruit with whatever nuts you have on hand. Nutella is, literally, the glue that holds this easy dessert together. Unlike chocolate, it doesn't harden, so these fruit slices can be a bit slippery and messy, but that didn't stop a table full of friends from eating every last piece and licking Nutella off the plate! Serves 6.


2 apples, skin on, sliced 1/4-inch thick (on a mandoline, if you have one)
Juice of 2 oranges, divided
1/2 cup Nutella
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped


Place the apple slices in a mixing bowl, and toss with all but 2 teaspoons of the orange juice to keep the apples from discoloring. In a smaller bowl, combine the remaining orange juice with the Nutella.

Remove the apples from the orange juice and dry with a paper towel. Spread the Nutella on the lower half of one side of the apple slices, and sprinkle with nuts. Place the slices flat on a platter in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Can be made hours ahead of time.

More Nutella:
Nutella banana bruschetta, from The Perfect Pantry
Nutella and mascarpone cream chocolate tarts, from Ms. Adventures in Italy
Mini chocolate whoopie pies with Nutella, from Andrea Meyers
Nutella pop tarts, from Chez Pim

Apples dipped in Nutella and walnuts will please kids of all ages in your family!

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great for a camping trip, but then the spoon with the jar might be less work.

SO important to eat one's fruit!!!

I have still never tasted Nutella. (I'm sure it's good, I just don't dare buy a jar!)

Now where's my spoon?

I am one of those people who eat it with a spoon Lydia.

I love this recipe, looks delicious. I have one more reason to buy nutella!

Thanks for sharing this recipe.

I love Nutella and buy it at Costco in the big jar! My 10-year-old spreads some on a graham cracker with PB on another graham cracker and makes a sandwich. Heaven. Though I do like the simple approach of simply using a spoon!

People say choclate make the world a better place I say it's Nutella

I like to have it straight from the jar, just like peanut butter but the act is sinful...

Beverly, why leave home when the spoons are so close at hand?!

Lucia, yes, it's all about the fruit!

Kalyn, I must admit that I'm not a Nutella person, but Ted is. Big time.

FriendsDriftInn, I always have a spoon to lend.

Valli, seems you are not alone!

Mari, Nutella has become one of my go-to easy dessert ingredients. This took just minutes to prepare.

Janice, the graham cracker sandwich sounds pretty darned good.

Kim, lots of people here will agree with you!

Tigerfish, my husband eats it that way, too. I love to watch him do it; he looks as happy as a little kid.

Lydia...you MUST try it my way...

Summer melon of choice OR grilled fruit of any kind dunked (ok, more like scooped) into nutella. Sometimes if the fruit is too cold, the Nutella slips of, so it might be good to warm it up a tad first.

Its awesome!

Lydia, a jar of Nutella doesn't last long in my house, I have to confess... :)

It must be wonderful with apples, indeed!

I am with Kalyn - very afraid to even get started with Nutella! ...as it is the picture of this has sent me to the moon!
imagine the new heights that your average "fluffernutter" could be taken to.....

I confess I am a Nutella spooner and have occasionally caught my boys with their fingers in the jar.

The day you decide to serve jars of nutella to your party guests, will you send me an invitation? ;)

Apples and nutella... I'm putting this on the "must try" list!

Mmmm, that picture makes my mouth water!

I just got back from Providence, where I went to a store that sells the Nutella made in Italy - apparently it is even tastier, and has a higher hazelnut content. I bought two jars for me,and more for friends. I have made "thumbprint cookies" using Nutella instead of jam, and mixing almond meal into the batter - I can't wait to make them with my Italian Nutella!

Nutella apples And sprinkles Aka hundreds and thousands I believe I have eaten for years. Something new I have taken to eating is sharp white cheddar cheese and walnuts and nutella to snack on. I am thinking apples would be good as well. Aahhh, nutella..... Nice to know of other addicts

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