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Grill-friendly favorite recipes from The Perfect Pantry

Chicken satay 

Memorial Day weekend signals the official start of grilling season.

I don't know who decided that we should all wear Bermuda shorts and fire up the grill on this particular holiday, but we do, and even though I grill all year (thanks to a covered porch and a gas grill right outside the kitchen door), I still plan to cook something outside, on the grill or over the fire pit, this weekend.

I might skip the shorts, though. I haven't got the knees for them.

If you haven't finalized your holiday menu yet, I hope you'll find inspiration from some of our favorites, made with basic ingredients from the pantry.

Brick-grilled chicken thighs. 

Chicken breasts and thighs, always in my freezer:
Grilled tamarind chicken
Brick-grilled chicken thighs
Chicken with mango barbecue sauce
Chile-lime-ponzu chicken
Chicken shish kabob

Bob's smoky beef ribs

Marinades made with herbs and spices:
Bob's smoky beef ribs
Tandoori-spiced grilled lamb
Tequila-lime flank steak
Spicy skirt steak

Grilled peaches with balsamic and granola

Marinades and sauces from cans and condiments:
Chicken satay (in the top photo)
Shrimp teriyaki
Teriyaki tofu wraps
Grilled tofu with soba noodles
Grilled peaches with balsamic and granola

Grilled pizza

And don't forget the grilled vegetable pizza!

Get your grill on! Grill favorites for dinner and dessert. #grilling

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Yes grill season has begun Lydia!!!!!!

Yum! You're making me want to grill more than ever with these tasty-looking ideas!

I have actually decided that I am going to spend Monday doing the quintessential activity....Completely cleaning my grill - replacement parts, the whole nine yards! It needs it! and then when I am done I am going to grill something spectacular from the perfect pantry lineup!

(after watching my husband squashing the burgers against the grill once too many I took over all grill duties! - he reaps the delicious benefits!)

Hi Lydia,
Great list of recipes. Have all summer to try some of them :-). We kick started our grilling season a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my first cooking grill and the anniversary of my blog. Anyway would like to pass on couple of items I made that day for friends -
1. Grilled Paneer with Tandoori Masala

2. A simple yogurt dip for the veggies and chips

Happy summer everyone!

I'm getting a new Hibachi this weekend and will be doing chicken and veggie kabobs! (ps Your food pictures are heaven)

What perfect timing, Lydia! Yes, I'm having a barbecue this weekend - minus the bermuda shorts, of course. (Do people still wear them?) Thanks for all these great ideas!!

Fantastic list of recipes! I have my eye on the ponzu chicken and the tandoori lamb.

just wanted to wish you and all the regulars a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the cooking eating and friendships

This post reminds me that we need to get gas for our grill this weekend... I'm feeling the urge to grill something all of a sudden! ;)

Grilling season - we started a bit earlier.... But, now that it's getting warmer we can get the smoker out, too. Isn't summer Grand? I have some chicken thighs in the freezer - hmmmmm

What great looking food. I'm going to have to try a few of these out on the family. I'll have to add some pleasoning seasoning though as is the signature of my cooking. I'm hungry now...

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