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Other People's Pantries #117

From Karen, on the sunshine coast of British Columbia, Canada:

I've never had a "walk-in" pantry before. Because I am short, my two-step ladder occupies much of the floor space. One of its nicer features is that a light goes on when the door is opened. It can be a little disconcerting if the door swings shut while one is inside!


The spice rack that covers the inside of the door is one of the best features of the pantry. The hardware was difficult to find in Canada, but I finally found a Winnipeg company that carried it.


Inside, it is nothing fancy, just sturdy shelves that hold both food and appliances. As I live in a rural area, I try to keep a fair amount of food on hand.


I put little-used appliances on top, but heavier appliances like my bread machine and KitchenAid mixer go on a more convenient shelf.


Onion and potato bins used to be on the floor, but their contents tended to escape into the corners. The stack of ice cream buckets on the left side of the picture contain the many different flours needed to maintain my bread-making habit.


I've enjoyed The Perfect Pantry, and especially Other People's Pantries, since before I had this pantry, and it has been so helpful in the development of its organization and storage systems. Thank you so much for hosting all these pantries over the years.

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What a great space, well organized! That is funny about the light...my 2 year old is into closing doors, so I would often find myself in the dark (would keep on hand a flashlight and stay in that fine pantry for awhile. ;-)) Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing. Your pantry looks very nice.

Nice pantry. A real pantry. Sigh...Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

I love the idea of using ice cream buckets for flours!

The spice racks on the door are definitely a great feature. Your pantry looks well stocked and organized. But I don't know about the light being turned on and off by the door. . .;)

Such a well organized area. It is great! I also think the spice rack is worth searching out, although I don't have space for one! Thanks for sharing.

Such an appealing pantry - and so well organized! I'd like to hang out in there :-) You must have quite a bread-making habit, with all of those ice cream buckets...

Love the wire door rack!

What an excellent pantry! The wire door rack is fantastic.

I love your pantry. Thank you for sharing. I too have a step ladder although I refuse to admit I am short. haha

I love the spice rack on the door, what a great way to save space and it means you can find things so much quicker too. Idea stolen/borrowed. Thank you.

I used have a big kitchen in a big house. Now I live in a small townhouse with a small kitchen. I decided to use Metro shelving and you won't believe the amount of food and equipment 2 shelves can store

What I want to know is who ate all that ice cream? :-)
(great pantry - I am jealous!)

You make great use of the shelving and the floor! I love that the less used appliances have worked their way north while the bread macine and mixer with a dough hook are right at arm's level. I want to be at your house on bread baking day!

Oh, my goodness I am so envious. I may have to do some construction around the kitchen to build myself such a lovely pantry.

Can you share the company name for the spice rack? The link takes you to Amazon but to a different spice rack. Thanks

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