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Other People's Pantries #115

From Kay, in Cottage Grove, Oregon:

Here are three pictures of my new pantry. The alcove used to house our refrigerator and various deep cupboards. 

We totally gutted the kitchen last summer. This walk-in pantry was inspired by one I saw on your blog some time ago. The shelves are hemlock fir. My cousin-in-law, Dave, did the carpentry. My nephew provided the beautiful wood.




On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Your pantry is very nice. I like how you have left it open. What do you use the sewing drawers for (if that's what the little box of drawers is)

Nice, I really like the open shelves.

"Watch for a new Saturday feature (one you'll all want to participate in) when we close the doors on Other People's Pantries." --Lydia, I'm really hoping you'll start this other feature soon! I bet it will be really imaginative. Maybe you could close the door after the current queue is exhausted...?

Love how the shelves fit in all the nooks & crannies! Great use of space!

I also love seeing the canning supplies, happy canning this summer.

What a beautiful space for food!

I think it's very fun that this pantry was inspired by one that was shown earlier on Lydia's blog!

Oh, Lydia, please don't end perfect pantries! I look forward to it every Saturday!

Of course, I wouldn't want to miss out on your new feature ...

And I love Soup Chick!

Thank you for the nice comments! I use the little chest for herbs and spices.

Love this pantry is so nice and organized and the food looks great display out in the open. Great use of space!!

Lydia I also enjoyed other people's pantry a lot and look for it every Saturday...but I know that you will surprise me with your new feature

I hope you'll leave the door open just a crack in case you come across a pantry too good to resist. I can't imagine what's coming next. OPP is tough to beat.

This is a perfect solution to keep all your extra food and kitchen 'electrics' at hand without having to work around them on a crowded counter top. Beautiful carpentry and engineering went into the custom shelf depths and rounded corners. Way to go Guys!

Well this is just over-the-top perfect! :D It really is nicely done, and so organized - way to go! I do hope, Lydia - that we're able to peek in to pantries once in awhile, but whatever direction you go, I'll be following!
Thank you!

Oh I do like this. We are looking to buy a house this next year and it has to have a pantry or at least room for one, thank you for the inspiration.

Love those beautiful wood shelves - carpentry is a dying art.

Oh my, this is a wonderful space. Envy how all of your kitchen appliances are grouped together.

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