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Other People's Pantries #114

From Candelaria (Good & Plenty), in Dorchester, Massachusetts:

As you will see from these photos, I don’t actually have a pantry. I have two drawers, three shelves, two cabinets, counter space and a small kitchen island where I store items.


I actually like-like-like (one like wouldn’t do) the look of my kitchen. The handmade cabinets, built by the previous owner, were the perfect color for all of my red dishes and collectibles, but they clearly were not built by someone who did serious cooking. Nevertheless, I’ve adapted. 


I am increasingly using glass jars for storage in the bottom cabinet (I prowl Marshall’s for jars on clearance). I have also repurposed large jars that have held pasta sauce and rice, although now that I make my own sauce and buy rice from bulk containers, I rarely have those jars any more.




My small house was built in 1890 and all of the rooms and closets are small. I don’t know any other woman who could live with my tiny closet, but I’ve adapted, just like I have in the kitchen. One adaptation is that I take more frequent walks to the local vegetable stand or Farmer’s Market in the summer for ingredients. This gives me exercise with a purpose, satisfying the multitasking tendencies that still rise up in me from time to time!
I love Other People’s Pantries and would really like it to continue but I’m excited to know what else you have in store as well.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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I might be guessing a little too much for a Saturday morning, but here it goes: you like red!

very nice set up you have going for yourself. Thanks for sharing

I understand your reasons for liking your kitchen! Love your red and the cabinets.

LOVE all the red! What a cheerful kitchen. I too have lots of red. :)

Red rules! Great job using what you have, it is all how we shape our homes and self. Love the multi-tasking idea of walks to the farmers market!

Yes, a very cheerful kitchen! I recognize some of those tins in the first photo - and I have some of the very same.

Thank you for all of your comments. It took me a long time to submit to Other People's Pantries because I felt my place was too modest but then I felt the sense of community and thought, I'd go for it. Your comments make me feel so glad that I did!

I FINALLY took pictures! Will send them in to you this week :)

glad to see the "bells" seasoning and the "Badia" brand spices (love those!)
I might be crazy but I think the canned goods photos is cool and could make a fun "wallpaper" for my computer!
It is like modern art!

Your red is WONDERFUL and repeated in all those tins! You are right, the grey cabinet color is a perfect background for your favorite color!

Another person who likes RED! Red is my favorite color, followed closely by cobalt blue. For the space you have, you've set your pantry up pretty darn well.

My kitchen has a red theme, too! Love the photos!

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