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How to make your pantry a green pantry

My compost pile, earlier this year. I compost organic kitchen scraps, and old spices, too.

This post has been updated, to celebrate the 44th Earth Day. Please  follow this link to read the updated post.

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i think i am somewhere with you not perfect but greenish! a lovely thought provoking piece lydia!

I read some time ago that citrus fruit peels should not go into the compost. But I could not trace the source.
Any information on the matter ?

Great list Lydia! And thanks for all the reminders!

I would add to the list, grow what you can in your own garden -- even if it's just fresh thyme or chives. For everything you grow, that's one less items that needs to be packaged and shipped to your grocer.

I LOVE this post. Today I will try and look up how to work on #9.

Very good ideas. The idea of not making extra trips to the market (for one or a few items) can be expanded to the more general idea of grouping errands to reduce driving.

I would share my compost pile with you Lydia!

Fantastic list. Happy Earth Day!

Running to the store for one ingredient isn't efficient or ecological,
That's rich!!! How are we going to follow your recipes?????? haha

I love going to the store every day. Anyway enjoy your green days and many thanks for all the cool recipes/ideas that you post here every day

Great Earth Day post! I still need to get my compost pile started. Ugh.

This is a very thoughtful post, Lydia. Even though my pantry is pretty green (we live in the country also)there is always room for improvement. As does Mae, I try to bundle all my errands, including grocery shopping, together on one day. Now that our farmers market has opened for the season, that will be Saturday. :)
Happy Earth Day!

Great tips! Thanks!

Arunah, I've not heard that about citrus -- I throw oranges and lemons in my compost pile all the time. Anyone else have info?

Julia, absolutely, when you can, grow your own. Even a windowsill box of herbs, if you have room for it.

Doing most of this, so not too bad! As time allows, I want to add worms for more options in composting and chickens in the back yard.

What great tips! What's the optimum temperature for your refrigerator and freezer?

Great ideas, especially not running to the store for one thing!

Great tips. Thanks Lydia. Every effort helps!

I'm surprised, frankly.... my pantry is pretty green. Althoug, I will admit not totally intentionally. Our only choice is reusable bags - which the stores sell but they last, I've been using the same 4 for almost 5 years now. I've gotten used to keeping a well-stocked pantry when living in the mountains, and I always cook from it.
And maybe being a bit anal helps being a bit green ;-))
Good post!

Great tips! Thanks!


I do most of these things, but the one tip on keeping the bulk spices in the freezer was worth reading the whole item. Please remember that lots of your readers are like myself, urban dwellers. Composting is just not available to us unless you want to do a worm farm. With excellent "green" credentials--we've been using recycled paper products for more than 15 years--I'm still not willing to have a worm farm in my NY apartment.

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