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Drop In & Decorate, then donate: cookies, Mothers Day, and happiness

How did you learn to bake?

Did your mother teach you? Your grandmother? Your big sister? Your dad?

In my case, it was a group of college roommates who liked to bake away the midnight munchies during exam periods. Up until then, my baking entailed opening a box and mixing the contents, or opening the bag of chocolate chips and following the instructions on the back. Imagine my surprise when I saw my college friends take actual ingredients (flour! sugar! chocolate!) and, without a recipe of any sort, whip up cookies to satisfy the hungriest exam crammer.

Those cookies made everyone in the dorm happy.

Cookies do that. No matter how busy, frustrating, stressful or troubled your day has been, a cookie will make you smile. A truly beautiful, hand-decorated cookie, made with love, might even make you giggle, too.

That's the idea behind Drop In & Decorate: Cookies for Donation.


Drop In & Decorate is a nonprofit organization and, through events hosted in people's homes, schools, places of worship and community centers, they have helped donate more than 17,000 cookies to local agencies meeting basic human needs (food pantries, domestic violence shelters, etc.) in 32 states, Canada, Germany, India and Japan.

Every year around Mothers Day, cookies-for-donation parties make and decorate beautiful sugar cookies. Here in Rhode Island, we'll be donating cookies to the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Lucy's Hearth, SSTARbirth, Our Place, and Abby's House -- all agencies focusing on the needs of women and children who are homeless or victims of domestic abuse. Our cookies will be delivered a few days before Mothers Day (May 9).

If you'd like to make people happy for Mothers Day, please read all about how you can bake, decorate and donate cookies -- with your friends, family, co-workers, faith group, or neighbors -- to women and children in need in your own community.

You can make Mothers Day a happy day, and you'll have lots of fun doing it.

To help you plan an event between now and May 9, the nice folks at Drop In & Decorate have some coupons and more to get you started. (Read all about it at dropinanddecorate.org.)

Thank you.


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I'm always so impressed with the decorating skills of your volunteers/participants!! Yet again, I will try, try to live up to this standard at your DIAD party, but don't be surprised if you find me tying ribbons instead.

There is such creativity out there Lydia.

So wonderful!

I've heard about these events but have never participated. This is the perfect time to start though!

It's such a wonderful project. I love the ladybug cookie!

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