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Other People's Pantries #112

From Dana, in St. Louis, Missouri:

My kitchen is small and cramped. The first thing you see coming through my front door is this shelf. It holds two cake stands that usually have the week's cake/cookies and muffins.


The second shelf has 13 glass and ceramic containers that hold cereal, pastas, rice, and mixes. The third shelf has non-food related papers. I used to keep baking chips, nuts and berries in the same kind of glass containers, but the 13-month-old liked opening them and feeding the dogs.


My bare bones pantry! I try not to keep to much in here since my last "use what you have challenge" lasted 3 months. It's a converted built-in oven space, and very deep. I mostly keep cans here.


This cabinet is above the former built-in stove. I keep oils, flour, sugar, and some baking items. On top is my husband's soda stash, they can be stacked 4 high on the far right.


My spice pull-out is my pride and joy! Sandwiched between a wall and fridge, I designed and built it myself.

Thank you for letting me show off my pantry. Happy cooking.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Of course the spice rack is awesome...not only just because it looks good, but of course also because you did it yourself....ten thumbs up to that. If you are an hgtv househunter watcher I bet you roll your eyes and pack up laughing often when you see a giant kitchen and character says: I would have liked it if the kitchen had been bigger HAHAHAHA

The spice pull out is so clever! Great way to use a wee amount of space.

I glanced at the Schuncks brand oats and remembered that I need to stop by Schnucks myself for oats :)

Ah, Schnucks...I'm from St. Louis and all my family is there! You've made me nostalgic for home. The pull-out spice rack is awesome!

You have a sure hit with that pull out shelf! What a great idea and design. Thanks for sharing.

Way to use your space! PLEASE do share how you made/built the spice rack - that is SWEEET and savory! ;-)

So nicely organized, I love that!

Love that pull out spice rack!

spice pull out is fabulous! I especially like the metal strapping.

I would feel right at home in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

spice rack is great! you could market that!!!

I wish I had room between my refrigerator and my pantry to add such a spice rack. What a great idea and I am impressed that you made it, yourself.

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