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Other People's Pantries #109

From Elaine, in Port Townsend, Washington:

The first two photos are of my pantry in the kitchen, and as you can see from the first photo I have a list of everything in there, in pencil, so I can add or subtract as necessary. The only problem is I sometimes forget to do so, but all in all it works pretty well.



Next is the cupboard above my fridge, with beans, rice, pasta and teas. My mandoline and immersion blender are there as well.


The last two photos are in the laundry closet, the only place left to store things. My dad added a second shelf for me and it works well for non-glass or canned items.



I have another small cupboard for teas and one for vinegars and oils that I forgot to take photos of, so you will have to imagine them!

I am fortunate that my house has so much space to store dry goods, as I am like my mom in that I buy on sale so have enough food for months, excluding perishables. I also have a chest freezer that is at my parents' house as I do not have room for it here.

And that is my pantry, or pantries.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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I love the iron tucked in among the food! Other People's pantries is one of my favorite blog reads, thanks for submitting your photos. It is always interesting to see how folks come up with more storage space and how they use it.

The list looks very useful in keeping everything in order. And regarding the iron, what cooking style would you recommend in cooking it?

canned roasted tomatoes....that says everyhing! Added bonus is the borax.

Very nice pantry system. Use in good health

In my old apartment, I stored my pantry items in the laundry shelf too.You have an organized pantry.

Very organized. I do the list thing too, on the fridge. So nice to have your dad put in the shelf for you!

I like your idea of having a list of the contents of the cabinet. Too many times items get lost or forgotten and we end up buying things we already have.

Now, that is one organized and stocked "pantries". Love it!

People cook in their dishwashers, or on the engine of their vehicle -- surely we can figure out how use another heat source, the iron?

I giggled at the iron. Mine is stored amongst kitchen gadgets ... irons are so hard to find a home for, aren't they? Love how organized this pantry is with the list. Awesome!

Ironing! what is that! who has time to iron when there is so much cooking and eating to be done!
great pantry!

Hmmmm....I see a length of foil, buttered bread and slices of cheese; lay the foil on the ironing board, set out bread slices (buttered side down), top each with a slice or two or three of cheese, top with another slice of bread, buttered side up, and fold over foil to cover sandwiches - iron until toasty hot and melty, flip everything over (carefully) and iron other side.

No spray starch necessary!

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