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Other People's Pantries #108

From Jan, in Noblesville, Indiana:

When we relocated to Indiana, we were fortunate enough to purchase a two-year-old home from a family that added a lot of upgrades to the house, including a gourmet kitchen. 

The walk-in corner pantry is not huge, but it is more than adequate and helps me keep everything organized. It has a really high ceiling so the top shelves can hold tall bulky items.


Bulk and extra spices, pastas, oils, vinegars and baking supplies are quite handy.


Heavier items tend to end up on the floor since I do not trust the sturdiness of the wire shelving. My wish list includes custom wooden shelving, someday...

The wire shelving is, however, quite convenient for hanging herbs to dry. A small section of the pantry is dedicated to drying herbs during the summer and autumn months. 


My frequently used spices are kept in a cabinet next to the stove along with teas up top. The small jars in the front are dried rosemary, sage and basil from last summer.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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I am not envious in the least! ;-) Wonderful space and use of it -- love the drying herbs right in there too!!

Your pantry is very nice, but the best part of all is the homemade spice.....ten thumbs up to that

Organized and so tidy, I love that part. I tend to like the wire shelving, it keep light everywhere, instead of being blocked like a solid wood shelf often does. Thanks for sharing.

A walk in pantry - I love it! So organized and convenient.

There's nothing like growing your own herbs for fresh use and drying. When I moved I was so glad I could take my dried herbs, it felt like a little souvenir of the garden I left behind. And although they are probably way past their "sell-by" date by now, I like to smell them and remember my kitchen garden.
I like seeing how everyone organizes their pantries and the reasons for the way it's done.

A little late commenting (playing catch up) but that is a great pantry - did I spy a "NY Jets" logo in there?
just checking (from a Patriots fan!)

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