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Other People's Pantries #107

From Anne, in Boulder, Colorado:

After stumbling onto this awesome blog, I looked at every single pantry submission over the course of 12 hours. I became inspired to improve my pantry organization and visited one Target and two Walmarts in search of the perfect canisters and bins. 


My final product is not very different from what I've been living with for a year (as long as we've lived here) except for many items are now "bin-ified." 


I also stumbled upon many "dupes," combined stuff and chucked stuff. 


I hope to keep this set-up as pristine as it is now for the long haul. This is perfect preparation and set-up for my current research on cupcakes (which I will be baking for a family member's upcoming nuptials). 


To the left of the stove in a cabinet are (from L to R, top to bottom): more savory snacks, teas, S&P+, dried fruit/oatmeals, oft-used oils, etc., vitamins and most important, chocolate and "desserty" snacks.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*There are only three more pantries to share. If you'd like this feature to continue -- if you've been meaning to send your photos but haven't gotten around to it -- please send in your pantry photos this week. Watch for a new Saturday feature (one you'll all want to participate in) when we close the doors on Other People's Pantries.

Here's how.

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I love how you labelled your pics to make it easier for us. Thanks. And your pantry looks great too. So neat and organised.

Awesome.....I love the spice set up

So organized! I envy all your storage space!

Love to see lots of spices, I have a soft spot for them.

Anne: You can tell how much thought and effort was put into this pantry. Kudos.

If I had to put all the spices in my pantry (OPP last Saturday), it would be chaos. Mine are all in a drawer, but quickly getting double stacked. Who can resist a new exotic spice?

The pantry closet looks like the one at our house, if a fairy godmother had come and sprinkled magic dust (and a few of those fabulous racks) all over. My first glance at the drawer with spice saw an upright shelf -- I was trying to figure out how you could get to the ones on the bottom! Works much better the way you have it. Great organizing job!

I'd like to bookmark your submission to give to other people when they say that they have no pantry. You prove with a bit of organization and "bin-ifying" you can achieve a great functional pantry with limited space.
Great job

Love how your vitamins and booze are on the same shelf... :)

nice work, were you an administrator in another life? it is an inspiration - good luck with the cupcakes....

I too like the vitamins and booze on the top shelf. Reaching is a very important exercise and you have totally got that covered!

Wow, totally organized!

Very nice! Your set up is a lot like mine. Are those lazy susans in the cabinets? I have one on every single shelf of my cabinets and they are a godsend. A great investment!!!

Thanks, all, for the kind words! Makes all my pantry obsession worthwhile! I'm proud to say that I've maintained my set-up from when these pics were originally taken (1+ month ago). Yup, the spices are in a drawer, which I've found has worked in the various kitchens that I've lived with. @noble pig -- yes, lots of lazy susans (in the pantry too)! : )

Catching up on my reading so a bit late commenting - but I love your sense of "obsession" reading and going "right to the project" - came out great! thanks for the reminder about lazy susan's - I need to get a couple.
(also agree - booze and vitamins belong together - one offsets the other!)

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