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Other People's Pantries #101

From Julia (Chef Owings), in Sidney, Ohio:

My pantry reflects my heritage of people from the Appalachians and an adopted grandmother from Italy. We have downsized our pantry since we are living right now in a house that is less than one-fourth of our old house.


This is the part of the pantry that is in the TV room. One bookcase holds what few canned vegetables and soups I do buy. Another bookcase is for my condiments and sauces. The closet holds a years worth of pasta sauce and pizza sauce, a case of canned sliced potatoes, a case of canned whole potatoes, salsa and about two months' supply of dried fruits.


Here's part of the baking pantry. This is a rolling kitchen island that I just got. It has paid for itself many times over already. I bake most of our own bread. Make our own noodles also. Coming in to the Christmas season I add cookies, cakes and pies for the family and cookies for the troops through my son's unit.


This is part of the kitchen pantry.


I hang peppers in the window to dry during the winter.


This is the pantry wardrobe that is installed in this house. I keep my home canned goods and pastas and rices in it.

That's a look at part of my pantry, but I also have 3 refrigerators and 1 deep freezer!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Wow- quite the stockpile. Are the door stuff jars all local honey?

the pantry wardrobe is really a great idea. thanks for sharing

Love all the storage - and that you use the tv room too. Great idea!

Wow! Very nice. Thanks for allowing us a peak.


I think I'd give my left big toe for 1/3 that much pantry space... No I definitely would. The pantry in this lil' ol' house of mine is a joke to say the least

Yes, creativity and small houses go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing.

I just love an organized pantry! A label maker lover's #1 project!

Have I told you lately how much I love these features? :)

Happy New Year to you & Family! Have a great year ahead.

This is awesome! This is such a cool idea to share your pantry.

Happy New Year!

Wow - do you have a huge family or live far away from the stores (or both) - I love that you have such stockpiles and also that you make so much from scratch!
thanks for sharing!

I grew up during W.W.2 & the 1950's when we worried about atomic bombs coming. We read about bomb shelters stocking canned foods for years & now I want your opinion about the shelf life of stocked canned goods. Today everything we buy has dates on them & concern us if we use beyond the date. What do you think????

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