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Peanut oil (Recipe: latkes/potato pancakes)


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Your latkes look absolutely luscious! I'll take a hearty breakfast serving, please?

Delish! I have always wanted to make these.

I have never made them with grated potato. I grew up having Potato Patties, made with leftover mashed potatoes, with egg and flour added, (just guessing at the amount needed) then they were fried to a golden crisp crust on the outside. Your's look wonderful. The recipe you posted is something we would probably like for brunch.

I guess I'm a bit traditional. For me Latkes call for matzah meal instead of flour. That said, I just returned from Honolulu where I made latkes for friends using flour and they turned out just fine. Must have been the Aloha spirit!

I made the latkes last weekend but with purple potatoes. Will post them soon.

As usual when I read your blog, I learn something. My only problem is 'retention'. Your latkes look delicious - crispy and moist.

mmm. latkes!! making another batch tomorrow.

When you say butter's smoke point is 350 is that for whole butter or clarified butter? I'm thinking it's the former.

TW, if only there were leftovers.... but there never are.

Natashya, they're easy to make, and not just for this time of year.

Barb, your version sounds delicious. But grating is traditional for latkes. My grandmother used to grate hers on a flat grater, and she would say that unless you grazed your knuckle and it bled a little bit into the latkes, they wouldn't taste right! I don't know about that, but I grazed my knuckles every time I made latkes with her.

Cousin Martin, I like the texture with the flour -- not as chewy, maybe? -- but either will work. Grandma taught us well!

Soma, I'm sure purple potato latkes will be delicious.

Joan, I love when they are crispy on the outside and still just barely cooked inside.

Julia, yes, for whole butter. Thanks for asking.

Yep, when it comes to frying, I reach for the peanut oil!

Isn't it amazing how many different ways people make latkes?

Lydia -- Earlier today I posted a list of my favorite food bloggers, on which you are included... maefood.blogspot.com

These look so delicious. I just finished breakfast but I swear I would eat a plate of them right now. As usual, your photos are spectacular. I'm making Gingered Carrot Latkes next week- it's a Gourmet Magazine recipe that Liz swears is wonderful. I'll let you know!

What timing! (Although I can't recall where at the moment,) in the last few days I stumbled upon quite a bargain on peanut oil. The only problem was it contained a HUGE amount---equivalent to deep frying about five 25 lb turkeys or so. Needless to say, I had to pass :)

Yummm! do you think the flour could be replaced with a rice flour or some other gluten-free item? just a thought.

Latkes in my family are grated on the fine holes of the grater, along with the onion. I parted ways with no flour, matzo meal or whatever -- it works. For gluten free, sometimes the best substitute is Nothing.

thanks Susan Q.! good thought!

For a gluten free alternative, I've made potato pancakes(or cabbage based ones called Okonomiyaki) with potato flour, rice flour, or a gluten free flour mix. But as Carol said, I've also seen recipes that just leave out the flour altogether. Thanks for the recipe - I'm going to go make some now!

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