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Other People's Pantries #99

From Rocquie (Sage Trifle), in Asheville, North Carolina:

I love Other People's Pantries. What a great feature -- it brings out the snoop in me. I live in a 1950s mountain bungalow near Asheville.

I work in a tiny kitchen so I have to eke out space wherever I can.




On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Thanks for sharing your pantry post.

very nice. if you are ever in NJ and find yourself with nothing to do, please feel free to make my pantry look likes yours :)

What a great find, I love the 5 pound storage canister with the snap tight lid. I store some pantry items down the hall and those would be great the that area. Thanks.

PS your home canned pantry items are beautiful.

You have a very organized pantry, and a
nice use of the maple hutch.

WOWeee! I love the canned goods! I think they are pretty and should be displayed! why lock them away!

Love this feature. I'll certainly keep posted for more, but my pantry is a little dark and covered with 80's cabinets. Really ugly! I love seeing this super neat and tidy and clearly labeled one. Thanks!

This is a wonderfully organized pantry!

This is a lovely, well-organized pantry that shows us (note to self) that crowded doesn't have to mean cluttered, and untidy. I'm glad to hear The Perfect Pantry Saturday ed. is booked for the next month!

Oh my goodness. Will you please come organize my pantry?

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. I have worked in professional kitchens and I learned that organization is vital. You can't afford to waste time looking for things. Even though my kitchen is tiny, I can put my hands on any given item in an instant.

And thank you to Lydia for such a unique and fascinating blog feature. Thank you for hosting me.

I love neat and tidy, and you are very neat and tidy! I had to Google Baba Ghanouj!

Hi! Waving to you from the Piedmont part of NC! You've inspired me to have a pantry clean-up and straighten up while I'm off over the holidays! Great pantry and so many interesting ingredients.

Whenever I am sad or I think the world is out of whack I can always count on Saturday's "Other peoples pantries" to lift my sprites and calms me.

Seeing this kind of organization just warms my heart

Loving the use of your hutch dresser (at least that's what I think it is) to put your preserves etc. It makes a nice display. My kitchen is ridiculously small and half the cupboards are too high for me to use for anything other than things I rarely need. I do, however, have a big dresser..... Lightbulb moment :-) If ever there was an excuse to go out and find some nice cannisters heh heh heh

Someone had a good tomato harvest!! Lovely.

I love the look of others organized pantries. Oh I see more canned items behind what looks like Hungarian paprika. Jams? Yum. I am still trying to guess what the little red and white cannisterettes are up front in that same photo. A foodie mystery!

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