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Other People's Pantries #97

From Marianne (Just the 9 of Us), in Utah:

You might remember my previous pantry from August 22, 2009, pantry #82. Now we are in our new house.
Notice the pantry is empty, and its contents are all over the countertop.


The dust had finally settled and we had moved into our new house. Then the floor developed small bumps and valleys over the next couple of weeks. So, my brand new floor had to come up and be replaced. 

The verdict? The floor warped due to the moisture from the rain during the building process. And did it ever rain! Prior to the floor guys coming, I took a few pictures to share of my new pantry, but sadly all of the contents of the pantry ended up on the countertops and dining room table to make room for the floor guys to work.


It is all back neatly in its place now. As you can see my dry goods are stored in pickle jars and two-liter bottles.


The bulk things at the bottom of the pantry really need to be in buckets to protect them from possible moisture. This will come. 


And as for the Blue IKEA bins... I would like to replace them with see-through containers so that I do not have to lift the bins down to see their contents. (I used what I had on hand when I unpacked.)  IKEA has hard acrylic straight-sided containers that would be ideal for this job.


The basement in this house has a storage room under the front porch where the rest of my bulk food storage is located. I am so happy to be in my cozy new home.  Thanks for looking!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

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Yikes. You must be glad that the floor problems are behind you. best of luck in your new home.

Very nice shelf system, the best to you and all of yours in the new home.

It looks great. It is so nice to have a new clean organized pantry.

I have a numbering system for my fabric that might work for your bins.
I assign a number for ech bin and put it on the outside where I can see it well, then I make a list of everything I have stored in the bins. Each item is assigned a bin number. I can look at the list, find the item, it's bin number , and go to the bin I need to access. It is quick and easy. It is also easy to maintain the list, just add to or remove when an item is purchased or consumed.

I love seeing reused jars in the pantry! I save jars from everything to use for all my beans & grains.

I love those large jars. I think I will get some for my staples! They make everything so easy to see!

Barb and Choit's Run-
I Love the large jars too! Thankfully I have a great source for them. All of mine are re-purposed jars.
The list system would be a great one. Maybe a laminated list on a large recipe card that could be written on with a china marker?
Thank you so much! I am so excited to be here. Be it ever so humble there is no place like home. :o)
Lydia- Thanks for featuring us again. :o)
I hope lots more pantry pics come in so this can keep going each Saturday. :o)

P.S. I commented signed is on F.B.
I am Cheryl a.k.a. Marianne.

Me thinks there has been musical names this morning. This is Barb, and I posted about the storage system. I actually have my fabric indexed on individual 3 X 5 cards with all details and a sample, filed in groups of fiber type. However the system is a great way to organize any items stored in closed containers. I have my freezer list attached to the outside of the unit with a magnet. I can see at a glance what I have. I am not super organized, but a victim of getting older and memory lapses. It is a survival method. :)

I would love to see your fabric closet! :o)
It sounds wonderful. I use file boxes and suffer from searching boxes. "I know that piece of eyelet is here some place. And I know that lavender flannel is here too."
Organizing the sewing stuff has not reached the to do list since moving here.

I like the idea of having a freezer list too. Mine is a chest freezer and one could fall in it looking for something. Lol!

You sound well organized to me. Often we have a better handle on where things are than we give ourselves credit for.
Our homes need not look like a magazine to function well. Kudos Barb!

Love those organized pantries.

I love the idea of the big bins for pantry staples. And the big glass jars too.

But that must have been awful about the floor. Hope everything is coming together for you now.

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