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Other People's Pantries #95

From Mary (Owlhaven), in Nampa, Idaho:

My kitchen is not especially huge, but I’m lucky to have a really nice-sized pantry. The space is triangle-shaped, with two sides of the triangle taken up with deep shelving and the third side of the triangle being double doors for easy access.

This first picture is the right hand side of the shelving, looking in. Each shelf fits about 30 quart jars. As you can see, I’ve got pint jars stacked in some places, so there are actually more than 30 jars on several of the shelves.


Continue reading more about Mary's pantry here.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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I'm almost tempted to reach into the monitor and steal a jar of something :)

Holy cow! Next I want to see pictures of your garden! That's one well preserved pantry!

This is a pantry after my own heart. I can as well and have all of my jars in the basement since they don't fit in my kitchen pantry area.

There's nothing more beautiful than glass jars filled with garden fresh goodies.

What's your favorite canned item? Mine is tomato soup.

That's one impressive pantry, as I'm sure is your garden, as well. Your family is most fortunate to have such a well-stocked pantry, and someone so provident among its members.

So, so very nice! Many years ago my pump house looked like this. I had forgotten how lovely the jars are, I am guessing you are pleased!

I'd love to see a map of the shelves identifying all those jars.

Wow, good for you for doing all that canning!

How fun seeing Mary's beautifully organized pantry. I met her at BlogHer '08 and ever since I've been astounded at how she keeps up with all those kids. (Makes me think of my own mom!)

All of that gorgeous home canned food is a tribute to your love and devotion to your family.

Oh, how my mouth was watering as I looked at your pantry! My mom canned, too, and your photos brought back many fond memories of her tasty sauce lovingly made from home-grown peppers and tomatoes.

Is there a place to learn how to can, this got me going. Wow looks just like my Grandma's pantry years ago. Please post your recipes.

sherry in mexico

Pix #1, top to bottom: tomatoes, beets, plums, plum chutney, apricot jam, tomatoes, apricots, sweet pickles, dill pickles, pickle relish, peach jam, apricot jam, grape jelly, tomatoes

Pix #2- tomatoes and salsa. I also did a few pickled peppers, and some pumpkin butter.

There are quite a few canning recipes on my blog. Just click on the word 'Food' in the left-hand sidebar and then scroll through the recipes that come up. I also included a bunch of canning info/recipes in my book FAMILY FEASTS FOR $75 A WEEK.

Lydia, thanks for the chance to share my pantry!!

Oooo!! Shiny...I want the canning part of my pantry to look like that, it truly is a work of art.

Wow! How beautiful the produce looks - fresh, vibrant. It really isn't fair to a woman who's stomach is growling (cause I've been too busy to eat since this morning) to see such delectable veggies. Quite impressive.


That is a dream pantry! I will only wish because I don't have that kind of space for storage.

That is PANTRY PORN!!! Gorgeous.

What a fantastic pantry!! In my dream world I have a large kitchen, large garden and someone to can it all for me! Kudos to you that is long, hot, but loving work!

Drool. I love all the home-canned goods.

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