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Other People's Pantries #94

From Kirsten (From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours), in Ojai, California:

I moved into a very small apartment, 400 square feet, and with only two cupboards (above the stove no less!) I turned to freestanding items for my pantry.

I use mason jars to hold food so that I can see what I have and how much. I have always liked cupboards without doors, so this setup works well in that respect. I bought two baker's racks, which fit perfectly in their respective spaces. A hanging pot rack is above one and the toaster oven is on the counter space of another.



For my spices I repurposed a small shelf that I had previously used in the bathroom and placed it near the rolling butcher block.


With a hanging hook near the refrigerator and a great find of a metal rack that was only 12 inches in width, I created more storage space between the refrigerator and the sink. It's a tight fit but it all seems to be working out!


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what I think is grand is that even though space is at a premium there is still a spot for vase and flowers. Awesome!

What a great use of small space!

You have packed a lot into a tiny space! Happy cooking.

Very nicely and neatly done for such a small area. Efficient too.

I have a teeny tiny apartment too! Great use of the space!

I kind of enjoyed the challenge of making it fit without feeling crowded, kind of reminded me of when I lived in a studio in New York City in my earlier years!

Fantastic space maintenance! Really well-done! Love the espresso maker, wok, cobalt jars - smart gal. :D

Love your use of space! I especially love the cobalt jars I want some now. Where did you get them?

I could cook in this kitchen! Very inventive use of space - or rather, lack thereof. I love the tile floor.

Thanks for the appreciations! As for the cobalt spice jars, I bought them online under some sort of listing referring to Hoover glass. However it turned out not to be real, it was painted! Luckily it doesn't chip to often, but they are pretty.

Hats off for creativity!!

I have a teeny kitchen too, although not as teeny as yours. You have done a remarkable job and given me food for thought. I have the same tile floors. Don't you love them?

Don't you love when you find just the right thing for the space - like your rack by the fridge!
so satisfying.

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