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Drop In & Decorate cookies for donation: have fun, do good, make someone's holidays happy


“Thank you for the extraordinarily beautiful holiday cookies that you prepared and delivered to the Crossroads Rhode Island Family Center. For the fourth year in a row, your group has brightened the holidays for homeless families who are unable to provide their children with the wonderful treats that make the winter holidays so special and memorable.” Crossroads Rhode Island family emergency shelter, Providence

If you've been reading The Perfect Pantry for a while, you might remember the story about Drop In & Decorate. Way back in 2002, my friend Candy and I read an article, or maybe saw a television show, about Martha Stewart's beautiful flooded-icing cookies. Like Martha herself, the cookies looked elegant. Composed. Perfect.

Candy, an artist, baker, and ever the optimist, said, "We can do that."

Ever the bake-o-phobe, I replied with absolute certainty, "No, we can't."

How we moved from no to yes, from our first attempts at decorating a few batches of cookies in my kitchen to a nonprofit organization about to zoom past the 10,000 cookies donated mark, is a great story, one I've already shared with you.

The idea behind Drop In & Decorate is simple: bake some cookies; gather a group of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your worship group or book group to decorate the cookies together; donate the cookies to a nonprofit agency serving basic human needs in your own community.

It’s a simple idea in a complicated world, something anyone can do.

Something you can do.

Decorating cookies with a moms group.

How about hosting or organizing your own Drop In & Decorate® event during the holiday season, with your friends, your kids, your co-workers, your moms' group, faith group or book group?  There's lots of help available on the web site, where you can download a free guide that tells you everything you need to know.

December 4 is National Cookie Day, and someone, somewhere, some time in the next few weeks, or maybe on that very day, will decorate the 50,000th cookie for donation at a Drop In & Decorate® party to benefit a nonprofit agency helping people in need in their own community.

Will it be you?

Decorating cookies in my kitchen.

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Drop in & Decorate is such a great event. I look forward to it every year! And how wonderful that you've expanded beyond the December holidays into Mother's day too. You bring so much light!

Such a lovely idea. You should be very proud of all the people you've brought some pleasure to with this worthwhile project.

We just got permission to host a bake sale at work. To attract a crowd &, we hope, create a lively & fun atmosphere, we're putting together a cookie decorating table.

The proceeds and resulting decorated cookies are going to Casa De Madres, which works to break the cycle of domestic violence, from emergency shelter to vocational training.

Thanks for inspiring us and for publicizing the important work of DI&D.

Julia, Kalyn: Thanks for your support and enthusiasm.

Jenna, fantastic! Please email to me with more details and let me know how I can help.

You've done a wonderful thing in creating Drop In & Decorate. I'm sure the sight of all the cookies you donate brings a smile to many faces and hearts.

I wanted to do this last year and never got to it. No more procrastinating!

I think I'm going to try to organize a little drop in and decorate party for my November girl's day get together. Off to research possible orgs to donate to so that my girls can cast their votes!

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