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Other People's Pantries #88

From Lurdes (belitaarainhadoscouratos) in Portugal:

Here are two pictures of my pantry (despensa, in Portuguese), one inside the pantry, another one from the kitchen.


This is a view from the kitchen to the pantry.


And here is the inside.

On the floor, under the bottom shelf, I put detergents, beer, olive oil big jars (5 liters), dog and cat food, potatoes, onions and that kind of things. First shelf are cans and jars mostly, flours, oatmeal and baking ingredients. On the next shelf cereals, teas (I love tea), coffees, rice, pastas, spices and sugar. Next some jars with beans and lentils, cookies, biscuits, milk, raisins, seeds. The higher shelf is things I don't use a lot, some cans that are now empty but where I keep Christmas cookies when I make them, some baskets, and stuff.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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your pantry looks nice, but your kitchen is what I want mine to look like one day. eleven thumbs up

A peek and a new word for my very limited Portuguese vocabulary...despensa.

Love the kitchen! Why do you have a water spout right there by the stove?

the water spout is IN the stove. It is a small capacity (3 liters) box that is built on the stove so when you heat it (with wood) you have some hot water too!!! Clever. The stove is 30 years old. I only use it two or three times a winter.

Wonderful, and I love the stove!

Nice pantry, and love the kitchen! The stove is interesting - it would certainly save on running bits of hot water from the tap for cleanup while cooking! Are those metal cabinets to the left of the stove, or painted? I like the black around/behind the doors. Although the more I look at the photo, what I thought is a cabinet is the wood burner? Does the top lift up on the wood burner, or is it oven only?

On the side of the tap, you'll find two small doors: the one on top is to put the wood, the one on the bottom is to take out the ashes. The square door on the left is the oven itself and the rectangular door on the bottom of all is a warm place to keep things warm while you finish up. The top lid lifts off and you have a huge stove where you can put various pots at the same time. The only secret is to keep adding wood :-) I use it only around Christmas time when the house is full of relatives and I have to cook for them all. We're just two so I never use it just for the two of us. The stove was my mother's and has small flowers painted. I am glad you enjoyed it.

What a charming kitchen. Beautiful. Love the pantry as well!

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