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Other People's Pantries #87

From Perla, in Houston, Texas:

I have been watching your pantries for a few months now and finally got the courage to send my pics in. I do believe that my pantry is special! The pantry is a large 8x10 room. 


The entrance to the pantry is highlighted by swinging mahogany wood bar doors to make the entrance from the kitchen easier. We are in Texas, where it gets hot, so we added a ceiling fan to keep cooler.


Since the doors are very open and it is easy to see inside, we made it more of a decorative pantry by exhibiting some of our crystal on the shelves directly facing the swinging bar doors. These are glass shelves to allow for better lighting. It is nice that as one walks into our kitchen one can easily see into our pantry and see the swinging white bar doors, decorative lights and white ceiling fan. We made the room all white because it makes the room feel cooler and it goes with our white picket fence!

The shelves holding the crystal have accent lights which can be dimmed to 3 settings, depending on how much I want to show off the room during wine gatherings at home.


Additionally, to the right of the room and to the left are custom-made kitchen cabinets which have coaster wheels. These were made by one of my uncles. These rolling kitchen cabinets are used for when I host dinners to hold the serving trays and drinks.


The cool thing is that I prep everything in the pantry and kitchen, then slide both kitchen cabinets outside into the living room/ dinning room or kitchen area. I have lights set up for artwork that can be repositioned to light the kitchen island cabinets.


There is also a window opening from the pantry to our bar which allows for easy exchange of supplies (lemons, clean glasses, etc.) needed in the bar, which can be seen in the picture in the red lighting.

You know the saying: “Everything is bigger in Texas”.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Okay, that's it, I'm gonna go sit in a corner and eat worms. I admit it, I'm reeking of envy. Such organization on top of a perfect pantry, yuppers if you need me I'm in the corner somewhere in Arizona eatin' worms.

It looks really very amazing and it sounds like you get a lot off good use from it. You can send an invitation to your next dinner party to: Milton...............

Looks like a pantry a caterer would use. Nice.

Looks like my dream pantry!

Are you sure this isn't a movie set?

WOW, you could have a dance club in that pantry! Too cool.

OMG...and she needed courage and a few months contemplating whether to show this!?! This is the stuff foodies all over the world dream of. Lucky person - enjoy!

Your pantry is bigger than my whole kitchen!

Wow...you have a pantry? I have two tiny old & little cupboards dangerously stuffed to capacity. Their only salient feature is the fun game at avoiding major injuries we get to play every time we open the doors. Sometimes, if you're lucky, all you'll get is knocked on the noggin with the oregano bottle. If you're unlucky, it will be the coffee jar.

I reluctantly, self-loathingly congratulate you on your gorgeous, benign, non-threatening pantry!

Love this blog!

WOW! A lot of planning went into your pantry! Beautiful!

Can I come and live in your pantry?

Ah, just one reason I love Texas! That is far and above - amazing! Yep, my pantry will not be displayed anytime soon - lol. I really don't have one - just cupboards scattered throughout my *two butt* kitchen. Thanks for sharing, Perla!!

Thank you All for the great comments!!!...My husband (Jorge) was the designer...I am only the worker...he was the one with the "vision"...I painted every single cabinet each one took 4 coats of paint to get to the right white shade that He wanted....So I do love my pantry because a lot of my sweat went into painting those cabinets...I am that I got to share my pantry with all of you..

Dang and I thought my pantry was over the top, but I have to bow down to your pantry.
Actually I am trying to rethink my pantry and you have given me a lot to think about.

I knew someone in the family had to be a designer! What a great use of space! I am embarrassed to have my submission posted because like AZ, Deb, ElizabethK and others I am extremely jealous. My pantry consists of a couple of cupboards in my "two butt" kitchen!

WOW!! This is the stuff dreams are made up of :) I have two 'cabinets' as my pantry! And I'm soo jealous!

OMG I absolutey love it!!!!!!!! I am so jealous.

I am reciting the commandment - thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet. But it's not doing me much good.

Beautifl. I love the way you have displayed china to be admired. Putting that in my idea book for when I build a forever home.

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