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Other People's Pantries #86

From Tania, in South Texas:

Hello, this is my first blog post!

I am 26 years old and bought my first house last year because I got tired of paying rent. My house was built in the early 30's and I love it. I am (and will always be) slowly working on my house, and the first thing I did was the kitchen.


I have these GIANT cabinets and, since my house is not level, they sat crooked, so I just took them off and framed the openings. The right side is all of my dishes and the left side is where I keep my cast iron collection. I am trying canning for the first time this year and have just finished up the first tomatoes of the year (next is peaches). I hope to fill the left side with all of my homemade canned goodies.


Then there is my so-called pantry. All it is is an old wooden cracker and cookie display case from the 20's. I think it is an old Nabisco or whatever was before Nabisco. Someone was throwing it out because it was wobbly. I screwed the feet on better, and now I have a great pantry. I know I don't have much, but it is just me and my dog so what I have is plenty.


Just above the stove I have old wooden Dr. Pepper and Seven-UP bottle holders that I added a shelf to and now call them my spice rack. I will add more wooden crates when my spices expand. The pot holder above the stove and the stove are both Craigslist finds (I love recycling).

P.S. you can see my baby girl Cheyenne next to the stove. She matches the floors that I have yet to finish.

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the spice rack is beyond awesome...brilliant idea. Do you have to antique/ebay shop for the crates??

I see the puppy knows where the food is HAHA

This kitchen is sweet. I would love to cook here, and share tea!!!

Love that stove, here in the Vancouver/Portland area the older appliances are being refurbished and "retro" is all the rage. Good luck you have taken on a big project, enjoy each step. But you already knew, that ones home is never completed.

I love the turquoise color and the creative re-uses!

You are very creative, innovative! I love it! Sweet pooch. :D

Love those pantry posts. Have a great week-end!

I love the homey look you have created. Great use of color and recycling!

Congrats on your new home. I like the looks of your pantry. Cheyenne looks very comfortable.


Thank you everyone I really appreciate the kind words. I have re-done the counter and put in a double drainboard sink. I love my place so much because it is unique and does not look all cookie cutter like the housed of today.

Milton- I do not have a link to such a site my spice racks were once my grandmothers and I have found many more at flea markets, garage sales and estate sales. I even got one from a friend who saw I had them. I use them for all sorts of things like keeping all of my cleaning supplies in and as of recent I started keeping all my oils in them. There are a million and one uses for those old crates.

Candy- I love tea and have started a nice little collection. I am always learning about tea and truly enjoy it.

Melynda- Thanks for the words! I love my stove so much. I still need to get one thign fixed onit so the oven works, other than that it has brought many days of joyful cooking. Also my friend who is a photographer used my stove in some of her pin up type photos.

Thank all of you for the kind words I really appreciate it.

I can see from your pantry that you are enjoying life - what a bright happy kitchen! Its wonderful to see what a smart young woman and her doggie can do!

I love the way you have repurposed things

It's like you just effortlessly see the beauty in all that you have and position it to best effect. I love it and that you are so handy to fix it all yourself. That stove I absolutely lust after. I'm slowly gathering pieces that are interesting and make a nice change from that cookie cutter mentality. My house is very eclectic,so I can do whatever I like. I find some of my mother's old things are great, stuff she never would have thought to display. Thanks for sharing.

Home-ownership is a lot of work but SO worth it!
excellent spice rack!

Your kitchen is adorable! I also love the colour and all the re-purposed items. We have the same little red and blue Pyrex covered dishes!

I love your pantry. Looks like we have alot in common. I love taking something old, something thats been trown away, and create my own beauty out of it.. Oh by the way, I noticed the mirrored star on your wall, I have one just like it... Have a beautiful day...

Thanks guys for all of the comments. I do love my kitchen very much, It is not much but it is mine. I would like to post an update on what I have done to it but I am not sure I can re-post a pantry entry :).

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