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Other People's Pantries #85

From Kelley (The Polished Pebble), in Corona del Mar, California:


I converted this hall closet, that I used to use for coats and shoes, into a pantry. Not a big challenge but it proved to be important to me as a cook. Let's peek inside, shall we?


I am sort of a neat freak and try to keep this pantry stocked and organized most of the time. I keep all cookbooks together, which I quit buying... one, because I'm running out of room and two, because a lot are just not that great. The canvas storage bins hold onions, garlic and potatoes and dog chews (YUM). Baking goods, flour, nuts etc. are all on the right and condiment and canned goods are in the center.


Keeping my shopping sacks at hand helps me to remember to grab them before a trip to the market. Need to use that mop a little more...

My spice drawer is just to the right of the stove and I don't keep spices around for long. They either get used up or out they go! I try to keep my spice collection to a minimum and toss unused stuff at least every 6 months.


Last but not least is our breakfast pantry with all the stuff we need to get us going in the morning. We love the Keurig coffee maker and use gobs of the k-cups each week.  


So there you go... and just so you know, I did clean up a bit before I took these photos!!!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

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Here's how.

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Bravo! I think turning a hall closet into extra pantry space is brilliant. A cook has to do what a cook has to do and such space is always at a premium.

what are the spices in the can?.....never seen those before today

Your pantry is very nice. the canvas storage is a great idea that I think I might have to steal from you.

Wonderful pantry! What did you do with the space freed up by the pantry move? New set of glassware? The world needs to know!

What a beautifully organized pantry.

Very nice, sometimes the best pantry, is the one that just came to be or was created.

That is a great idea! It turned out beautiful!

Love your blog! You have beautiful pics. The pantry idea is very nice.

I love this! Beautiful job!

wonderful-looking pantry!


the metal tin spices are from Dean & Deluca. I live in Vancouver BC and we can get them here at a store called Meinhardt which is one of our gourmet goodies stores.

I LOVE this pantry!!! Can it be transported to Texas? ;)

Great job converting the closet to a pantry! So organized and functional.

This my my dream pantry! Thank you for sharing.

I love this feature. I feel like such voyeur!

This is a really neat pantry!

P.S: I have never seen such a humongous Skippy in my life! The biggest size we have here is the 1kg bottle.

Thanks Lydia for sharing my pantry, still in love with your blog and try many of your ideas each week, : ) kelley

Where did you buy your shelving? I'm looking for exactly that to use in my pantry.

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