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Other People's Pantries #84

From Melynda (Mom's Sunday Cafe), in Vancouver, Washington:

I have so enjoyed this series, and commented that I would hate to see it end; that is when the challenge came about, and Lydia suggested that I send in my own pantry. At the time I did not have a pantry, only little "cubbies" around the house that held the various kitchen things that even if I had not used in a while, I didn't want to part with. Our little home is just that, little!


I was so happy to see a built-in pantry on Craigslist, that was being removed during the remodel of a 60's era home. We got it and brought it home. I was not concerned that the wood was different, actually everything in our home is different! It needed some minor repair, but nothing more than a couple of hours. I must confess I did not let it sit more than a week before I pushed for it to be done!

All of the grains, pasta, dried fruit and nuts are decanted into half-gallon and quart jars. The bottom shelf if a baking shelf. The red canisters are sugar (white, brown, powdered). All-purpose flour is there along with homemade biscuit mix.


I love it now that the kitchen has been made usable with some extra cabinetry. I now have a kitchen pantry and the linen closet down the hall is the overflow. Of course there are still little areas of kitchen things, and as I continue to organize I am getting them eliminated. 


Thanks for letting me visit these pantries, Lydia. I learn something new each time!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries is booked into October. If you'd like this feature to continue, please send in your pantry photos. Pantries are featured every Saturday, in the order in which they're received.

Here's how.

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I can confess that Excellent food is made there all the time. If not every night, as it was when Mom had school kids living at home (what with work and day to day things), then at least on the last Sunday of every month! Sunday Cafe!

wow..everything is surely so neatly piled up!...:)

very nice. I love how you made good use of the book shelf. As a matter of interest if you had the choice.....open space or cupboards and drawers?

congratulations, what a beautiful transformation...

I love this and I love the decanters. Very beautiful and neatly color coordinated.

Thanks Caine, it is nice to know that you have these fond memories! It always warms a mother's heart.

Srivalli, I learned (finally!) that organization is key to having a small area. It does not always look that way, but I try to re-organize when I bring home groceries, that way the new is rotated to the back.

Milton, through the years I have worked in many kitchens, and I have had open shelving as well as closed cupboards. I like the open shelving and find that it keeps me organized (because I can't simply close a door) as well as knowing and using what I have on hand. Thanks for you comment, this has been so much fun.

Thank you so much, satonahat. I have changed the arrangement, as I have become better organized or my truthful favorite, found more red items to display and hold ingredients.

Terry thank you. I love this arrangement. I had spotted the item more than once on Craigslist and was harsh with myself for not purchasing it. It was a meant to be, when I saw it again. I called them and said I want it!

I love the whole space! You have a great sense of design and color. I have always had small kitchens, and that has never inhibited great meals and great fun!

Candy, you are so right. We all gather here on the last Sunday each month. We are "elbow to elbow" but hey, we are family and it is all about coming together. Thanks so much for your kind words.

That built in pantry is so beautiful. I love wooden items, what a find!

Melynda – What a stroke of geniuses to repurpose that built in pantry. I love the way it looks. You and I have the same color accents in our kitchens and if there were room in my kitchen you just plop your pantry right down in it.
BTW I have the same slow cooker

God bless the internet and wonderful blogs like this one!! I love looking in pantries to find familiar items and new ones. Same crockpot by the way lol And I'm a fan of Craigslist too. It's great to recycle and that is a wonderful pantry. Always a comfort to visit and share.
The kettle's on :)

Crystal, I love wood also. And I usually mix wood types in each room. So it made perfect sense to add that pantry to a dark wood kitchen.

Kim, Thanks so much. I truly went on a "red" buying spree here about a month ago. I never tire of red.

Betty, Yes! to this blog, craigslist and the internet. We can learn so much from each other and make a new friend in the process. This pantry series is the best, I look forward to it each Saturday.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate all the wonderful comments. And thanks to Lydia. I look forward to next Saturday.

I love to see examples of small homes that are made wonderful! Our home is small and very useful!
Thank you so much! I hope more visitors will be inspired to share their great ideas also. Thanks Lydia for enduring and continuing to bring this to us each week!

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