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Other People's Pantries #83

From Terry (The Mommy Organizer), in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:

I am a working mom with four kids and love to cook, so for me having an organized pantry is essential. 

What works for me is to have the most commonly used items on the shelves within arms' reach and the less used items can go up on top or down on the bottom shelves.  I also group things in a logical order such as canned goods, cereals, paper products, etc.


I straighten the pantry out on my big grocery shopping day as I am putting the groceries away. Being proactive regarding keeping my pantry neat helps me in the long run to save time, money, and energy.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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You are organized! Looks very well kept. And your right, straighten up while you put the new stuff away keeps everything organized and rotated for freshness.

very nice. If you ever find yourself with some free time, feel welcome to come make mine look like yours does :)

Working mother of 4! Wow! My admiration is increased by the fact that you cook. Well organized, of course, or you would never get it all done! Thanks for sharing.

Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and having to adapt to a new gluten free diet 3 1/2 years ago has forced me to keep my pantry organized. I find myself buying quite a variety of GF flours and grains and definitely work at keeping them organized for easy viewing and so that I can easily spot what I'm running out of.

Very neat and tidy!

After peeking into all the lovely pantries these last few months, I want to rip mine apart! I am stuck with a tall, deep cupboard pantry with roll-out drawers. It is dark and crowded in there; the drawers don't roll smoothly from the heavy weight of the canned goods; and things get lost in the back (mango jam from 2005 anyone?). Your site has shown me that the secret to a great pantry is narrow shelves, good lighting and organization (in addition to having a wide variety of foods)!

What a nice pantry!

Hey everyone, I am Terry the owner of this pantry. I am so excited to see my pantry featured here. It is a great blog. I love seeing other ideas aside from my own. I think that the key to anyone's success in a busy kitchen starts with the pantry. Another thing I realized to keep it neat is to put the items that you don't use up at once (like sugar, flour, rice) in those containers. Keeps things neat and you can see when you are running low.

Judy, even though I don't know what your pantry looks like if you have deep shelves perhaps stack your like foods behind each other (like pasta boxes or the same type of canned soup) and make longer, thinner rows of like foods. Just a thought. Or you can send me a photo of it and I will try to help you figure it out. :)

Hi Terry I wanted to say that I love your idea to store the backups of stuff you use a lot is to stack them together and like items behind each other. It took me several years to realize this. What I wish I would have realized earlier in creating my pantry is to use the type of shelving that you have. I would have gotten more space bang for my buck

Terry, you're a woman after my own heart, every label facing outward, every like product facing the same direction! Now if you tell me you date every item in your pantry I'll be in pig heaven! Compliments and a pat on your back for such an exquisite and organized pantry.

Hi Kim, Thanks for the comment. Funny you mention my shelving. Originally I hated it and wanted to tear it all out when I saw my sister in laws pantry. Hers was essentially all solid wood cubbies. I thought it look so much nicer but once we visited them and I was in their pantry looking for items and realized that the fancier wood cubbies annoyed me and I couldn't find anything. Stuff got hidden in the back. It just didn't work for me so I decided to keep my system and organize it the way that works best for me. Thanks for the comment!

AZ, LOL I don't date the items but I think I might now that you mention it LOL. It's funny but sometimes I think I am way too OCD and thus make all of my items face outward but really it's all about planning ahead. I just think that seconds wasted by looking around the pantry when I need those seconds the most (kids running around, time ticking, dinner needs to be moved forward) can be avoided by taking the time when I have a few extra minutes (like when I am putting groceries away). It's how I have been able to save my sanity in a house of 4 kids and working full time :)

I think that is an excellent tip about keeping pantry shelves not to deep and having good lighting. better to use vertical space -even if it means using a step stool- and have stuff only a can or two deep than have stuff lurking very deeply behind other things.
good tip.

This is inspiring! I just started on a year organizing project, and am also the mother of 4 and own a business. My baby just went to 1st grade this year, so I decided it was the perfect time to organize my home and my life. I'm hoping other moms will be involved and interact and we can share our successes together!

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