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Other People's Pantries #81

From Barbara, in Camarillo, California:

I call it "The Best Spice Cabinet in Captivity."


The spice storage is in a column that rises from the working island, and consists of a wood rectangle just deep enough to hold the bottles with the tops exposed. The holes are drilled the size of the bottles, and a frame put around the edge. My original concept, which will fit in the framework of a wall. Keeps spices in the dark, and visible, with the names on the caps. It is so easy to work with and I love not having to dig around looking for a spice I use regularly.

Two sides of the column have one of these cabinets, 40 storage "bins" each, allowing me 80 places for bottles which I have arranged alphabetically. The large door below holds more spices which are not used as much, plus large containers of spices and herbs that we deplete rapidly.  I buy the bottles at Penzeys Spice Company, and keep a few spares on hand as I empty some of them. I purchase most of my spices from Penzeys and have for well over 25 years. No, I am not an employee of their company!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

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Here's how.

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If you are a regular spice user, this is pure genius.

WOW. I couldn't even NAME that many spices -- there's absolutely no way that I'd USE that many -- and I'm a cook! LOL

very nice. do you have a favourite pickling spice? I just used some from morton & bassett and it wasn't that good.

How perfectly cool is that?!

What's the most unusual spice you have in there? :)

What an awesome to store spices! I love it.

You are BRILLIANT! I would have never thought about doing that!!

Very cool. Is the wood a solid block with holes drilled into it? Ae ther construction photos?

ok that is the spice rack of my dreams too! perfect.

Great way to store spices. I love the organization of this.

Deliver one to my boat please!

Great idea! I have mine in a large drawer and although it is fairly easy to use, I love your way.


Hi Camarillo, I'm in Ojai! Brilliant idea! Very envious!

Hi Panya! No, I gave up pickling years ago. Not real good at canning, but like many exotic dishes.

Sandra, the cabinet is built to place between the studs in a wall which is built by making a box te same depth as the wall space. Next boards are drilled to the exact depth needed for the bottles and the boards are drilled with the proper size holes and glued together. A frame is built arount the entire thing after it is installed, just like a picture on the wall. Simple concept and doesn't take a genius to build it.

Hi Ojai!! Michelle. Thank you for your comment. I click on your name and find a really nice food blog. I suppose that is yours. I immediatly bookmarked the site, can't waait to dig into all the lucious foods I saw there!

Perfection! Wow, love this - glass jars, and kept protected from heat, air and light. Great job!

Hello Milton!
Actually the spices in the rack are mostly common spices I use on a regular basis. Perhaps the most unusual herb in the cabinet is Epazote, used in Mexiccan and Aztec cooking.

Pure genius!



Excellent! One doesn't see many "original" ideas for kitchen storage and organization, but you came up with a great one. So fess up are you really handy with power tools or was there a Mr. involved in the construction?

I always said you two are geniuses, me thinks this should get an award from the building, contractors etc. industries... Every new home should have one!!!

Actually, Paz, I designed it, my husband drew up the plan, but in our present home a building contractor built it and put it in. The one in Manhattan Beach where we lived before, was built by my husband.

PURE GENIUS! this storage solution could be marketed! And not only used in the kitchen for spices but in the shop for screws, the craft room for little items, the bathroom for meds - the options are many... but back to food ....

It is wonderful. I am going to figure out some way to steal this idea and adapt it to what I have.

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