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Other People's Pantries #80

From Allen (Eating Out Loud), in Vancouver, British Columbia:

I recently moved from a large house to a small 520-square-foot condo. Fortunately, before moving in we renovated a bit and my highest priority was to build in as much storage as humanly possible. My kitchen is my comfort zone and I feared having to downsize anything.


The main, tall pantry is custom built into a natural recess in the wall.  Although I've created a new space for storage, it's only 4 inches in depth. Due to this, I'm trying to use more glass storage jars for pasta, cereals, grains, etc. All of the cooking oils/sauces are either kept by the stove or in the fridge.


As I take these photos, it's abundantly clear I need to do grocery shopping this weekend. I've also learned to buy baking supplies in smaller sizes (except for the baking powder which is the size of a peanut butter jar! It was the only size the store had when I needed to buy it).


Our other storage area is a small closet where the bulk of my kitchen machinery, bowls and platters are stored. This is also where we store excess shoes, dog food, vacuum, office printer, etc. I'm still adjusting and reworking my pantry spaces now that we're all moved in. Small spaces can be challenging!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries is booked into September. If you'd like this feature to continue, please send in your pantry photos. Pantries are featured every Saturday, in the order in which they're received.

Here's how.

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All of the IKEA products jump out to me in these photos. They are a great place to get organizational items.

Ahhh, yes, I am the king of IKEA ;-) It's a great place to find all sorts of containers.

Thank you, Lydia for showcasing my pantry!

very nice. enjoy the new place

What an awesome idea to utilise the space between wall boards (if that is what you've done). I'm also liking the open wire racks in your closet. Much less flat spaces to catch dust, and easier to spot what you are looking for.
Thanks for sharing.

Allen, I love the way you've maximized the space in your new place. Lovely and well-organized pantries. (And I see you have a FoodSaver, one of my personal favorite kitchen items!)

I love those silver shelves, I have a few in the basement to augement my pantry. I also love all the clear containers full of staples, nothing looks better in the pantry!

I too love the "space between" pantry. Great idea!

Tight ship, NICE JOB! I also went from a large 200 yr old house to an 800 sq ft condo. 8 Ikea "Billy" bookcases saved me from looking like a book hoarding bag lady.

Looking at your pantry makes me want to organize and clean mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks, everyone!

Although you can't tell from the photos, the built-in narrow pantry also has doors which cover it up. When I took the photos (a few months ago), we had just moved and my pantry was quite empty. It's currently at full capacity ;-)

Kalyn, you've got very good eyes! I love my FoodSaver and have been using it for several years now.

oh I love the organization.

Small places are a challenge but with your organization I think you've got really great space! I like the narrow wall storage, things don't get lost.

I do so love a well organized pantry, yours is so well done...so comforting

wow, it's so organized! i like the shelf with all the kitchen appliances! there's a lotta $$$ on that shelf!

I love to see small space organizing! You have done well!
You ran with the idea of "go up not out."

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