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Other People's Pantries #79

From Amy, in Houston, Texas:

I wanted to share my pantry pictures. My pantry is a dream.


I had it built when we built our house so I could store dishes and food in it. I got tired of the kids doing the throw-and-go from the dishwasher to the cabinets and not being able to find anything. 


We love it! Although my daughter says I have too many dishes and not enough food!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Envy... I've got a bad case of envy...

ditto on what az said

Oh my, those shelves. I want. Second what your daughter said. Mine would have more food stuff.

Holy Moly, you guys really do it up big in Texas! Gorgeous.

I love all the room you have. It must make it so easy to find things. Are those cake stands and flower vases in the back?

Beautiful and so organized. It must have been so satisfying to design your own storage, my dream come true!

I am unbelievably jealous at this very moment. Wow! :)

Beautiful pantry!

Wow! It is wonderful. I guess I need to straighten my pantry up and take photos! I love this feature!

That is great. It is similar in size to the pantry in our house when I was growing up. However, the pantry there was a little narrower and a lot dark and of course cluttered! The white, white, white is a GREAT idea to help spread the light around in a small area! I will keep it in mind for my dream home!

I would kill for a pantry like that!

I so want those shelves

Thanks so much for your awesome comments! I am so grateful that I got to have input on building it. I have so many dishes from my grandmother and great grandmother and I love being able to put them on the shelves and see them. I had them boxed up for years at my other home and some I had forgotten I had. It is truly a dream come true. Thanks again!!!

Beautiful job...love the shelves.

JEALOUS! But happy for you!

Just Awesome!! I too have dishes from my grandmother and great grandmother...I am living in my grandmothers home and restoring it! I am starting the pantry next weekend and my husband told me to find pictures for ideas before he starts tearing our little pantry apart...I just found my pictures!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pantry...Hope you do not mine me using some of your ideas.

What a beautiful collection of glassware!

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