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Other People's Pantries #75

From Shannan, in Port Angeles, Washington:

Visitors always gravitate around our pantry. It is voluminous.


I have included a pic of the spice storage my husband built into a kitchen wall. I love it.


We also have a root cellar (which is nearly empty right now or I would have snapped a pic), meat locker/slaughter room (which we now use for wine) and a monstrosity of a shelving unit piled with more food/drink/paper prods (it is in the garage).

There are just two of us. When I think about it I wonder why we are not so large as to not fit through doorways.

I have always wanted to have what I need on hand if the mood to cook/bake a pile of goodies struck. I think I am there.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Always enjoyed Port Angeles and I'm sure I'd have gravitated around a pantry like this! Gorgeous stain glass. I'm like you Shannon, I like not having to go to the store if the mood strikes me.

Peeking into other peolple's pantries is often so exciting! I love the spice section.

Thanks to this blog, I have been adding lots of spices in my pantry.

very nice

I just finished rooting around in the dim recesses of one of my two food cabinets to find the cocoa for the brownies I'm making, and in the process found one can of tuna that expired last August and THREE 2-pound bags of Special Dark chocolate chips that I didn't know I had. You can't imagine how I covet that pantry in which you can see everything you've got. Wow!

Thank you for the comment on the stained glass and spice area. We... recovered that area during a remodel. That wall used to be a railing in the kitchen that kept everyone from plunging down the pit to the basement! Hideous looking and dangerous. We made it into a wall and added the stained glass at the last moment to break things up. If my husband would have snapped the pics, he would, of course, perfectly aligned and alphabetized the spices.

Nice and big and organized. Also, I believe you are the first person I have met with a slaughter room. :)

Wow! Awesome pantry you have.


Love those big double doors!

The Stain glass windows just blows me away and I always love to see a well organized pantry, well stocked pantry.

I will always hold the belief that the reason that people are so over weight is because they do not understand the importance of a well stocked pantry. Part of having a well stock pantry is that you are buying ingredients are on sale rather then if they are at their regular price. Which is why McDonald’s seems cheaper. In addition if every time you cook you have to go to the store then of course McDonald’s is easier.

So true Kim! As you can see our pantry is loaded with multiples of things. Our basement and garage are similarly stored. You have to rotate and never buy anything on sale that you would not normally use. Some months (esp. Summer and Fall when our garden and orchard are bursting) the only things we buy are milk and sour cream. If only I had a cow... but where to put it...

Great looking pantry, love the stained glass.

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