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Other People's Pantries #74

From Lili, in Prior Lake, Minnesota:

All I can say is I LOVE my pantry! My husband always says, no matter how big or small my pantry is, somehow I fill it up! True..... but.... I need all this food so I can cook whatever the mood strikes me, no matter when. I can't stand the idea of not having an ingredient when I need to make something special! I'm not any better with the freezers -- my other "pantry"!



I like the pull out  metal drawers, where I can see everything. All the drawers have their "theme" from teas, cans, jams and honey, coffee, baking needs and miscellaneous, including all possible ethnic foods. Where ever I go, I bring back with me honey and jam/marmalade. There is a lot of food from my country, Slovenia, that I bring back every year, some very needed staples I can't be without.


My other passion is also quite obvious....... COOK BOOKS! There are more cook books, but my dear did not make me big enough cabinet for them (I think he knew better, I'd filled that up as well), so the rest of the books are in the boxes, stored away. No space in the pantry, unfortunately.


I have to mention, he built my pantry (and all the cabinets through out the house, including the kitchen) from scratch and I laid the stone tiles. When we built the house, this room was sort of "left over", oversized pantry/family office, conveniently located next to the kitchen, and it turned out to be a fabulous pantry. My happy place when I'm tired or stressed out. All the small appliances are always put to use, I use them in my pantry so I don't have to carry them out into the kitchen. Keeps my kitchen counter tops clear.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries was going to end early in 2009, to make way for a new Saturday feature. However, pantry photos continue to roll in, so I'll keep featuring them on Saturdays, in the order in which I receive them. If you've been thinking about sharing photos of your own pantry, now's the time to send them.

Here's how.

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This is a very impressive pantry indeed! and very very neat! three cheers for the cabinet maker!

I share those dangerous sentiments: I have to have an ingredient at hand whenever I want to make sth special, so I end up storing loads of stuff. you know, just in case! :)

tell the hubby I'll cook up some hotdogs for him if he does my cabinets....fair trade, right??

Your pantry is grand. ten thumbs up

That is one beautiful, spacious, well-stocked pantry!

This is the Ultimate Pantry. Gorgeous and so commodious. And now I don't feel bad that I never travel without Herbs De Provence, a lemon reamer and small cheese grater in my suitcase...

Love, love, love your pantry. The cabinet work is gorgeous and those pull out drawers are making me green with envy.

What a beautiful pantry! I wish I had the space and organization you do.

I love it! I'm with you on having a stocked pantry (and freezer) so I can make whatever I'm in the mood for!

I must say - I thought I had a lot of different kinds of teas, but you've got me on that!

I'm so envious..what a great pantry!

I love your pantry. It's beautiful.

Very cool Teta! I too am envious of your pantry ~ actually, of your entire house! Nice article!

This pantry takes my breath away. We are on the same page, I also want to be able to cook what-ever, when-ever and have tried to have pretty much every ingredient I can think of so it's nice to know there is someone out there of like mind.
I'm starting to feel the need however to re-address my pantry an put in shelving...thanks for the idea

I felt the surge of power (over the material world?) just looking at these photos! Security, serenity, order... and obviously, you use it and enjoy it.

Your pantry is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I could LIVE in a pantry like that!!! I love the window!

I too adore cookbooks, and recently pared down, since I ran out of room!)

Your husband did an AWESOME job!!!

Top Notch!!! :)

Beautiful Pantry! I am now in Pantry envy!;) So Beautiful and organized. I love that you can use your small appliances in the pantry and they don't clutter your counters in the kitchen. Fabulous!

Oh my, this is my dream pantry and these photos have me drooling! Lucky you!

Congratulations Lydia on having Drop in & Decorate in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine article; 50 Tasty Satisfying Fun Yummy Surprising Finger-Licking Scrumptious Enticing Finds!

what a great pantry! my favorite places in most homes are kitchens and pantries.

Thank you all for very nice comments! My pantry is always evolving. I go through fazes of life and so is my Pantry. Now "we" are in faze/life of gluten free, due to allergies, just for me, my dear is just fine with all the gluten. I think pantries shows the personality of the owners!

I've seen this pantry in person, and it truly is impressive! And so is the talented man who built it, and the culinary genius who cooks from it. We call her "the Martha" of the neighborhood!

Holy Cats! Really an impressive pantry.
Yes, I would love those pull out drawers ... wonderful idea in this pantry.
Terribly neat.

I would absolutely kill for such a pantry! Not literally, but definitely figuratively.


simply put. PANTRY HEAVEN!

(I have been on vacation and now doing a bit of back reading of blogs to explain the late-dated comment :-)

Holy cow! My mouth dropped! wow.

I've looked at hundreds of great and not so great pantry lately but your probably my pantry sister from a different country and what I aspirer to become..lol You nailed it! it is visually beautiful yet very space efficient, it feels very well designed. I will always appreciate fine design that blends pretty and useful all together. Awesome job, I'm not easily impressed, but you did it!! =)

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