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Other People's Pantries #71

From Ramya, in Edison, New Jersey:

Although I forever dream of a huge kitchen with a vast pantry, this is what I have, and I have looked at all your pantry pictures so it is only fair I present mine.


I have very few cabinets in my small kitchen and I needed more space so we bought a pantry cabinet from IKEA and assembled it ourselves.


If you notice I have a lot of East Indian spices, grains and lentils. I am a vegetarian and lately I have been adventurous in my cooking from reading food blogs.


I have not taken pictures of my lower cabinets where I have some more canned goods and sun-dried goodies stored where it is dark and cool.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Your pantry looks very nice. Thanks for sharing it

Love all the beans and seeds. So neat and organized.

I love seeing a nicely organized pantry filled with items, many I am not familiar with. A real adventure stretching my thoughts about what I don't have in my pantry.

Terrific pantry, I love all the labels, its inspiring.

A well-stocked and neat pantry, you have!


So neatly organized! I wish I could spend a day cooking and baking from your pantry. The variety of legumes and spices is intriguing :-)

So beautiful! It's what I want mine to be, and what I should be eating more of!

I don't think it matters the size of the pantry just that you have one and that, it has the potential to allow you to create the foods you love.

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words.I have organised the pantry this way to inspire myself to cook a variety of beans/legumes/grains everyday of the week.Previously it was chaos and instead of looking for things I ended up cooking whatever I found easily. I have more ideas now from looking at other's pantries and will be making improvements.

Is that a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese? It's good to see a box of food that kept me alive when I was young, single, and didn't know how to cook! :o)

Isn't it funny how everyone always has the "back-up" box of mac and cheese! (me too!)

Any day now I will be sending mine in to share. As a part of our renovation, my pantry was re-designed and re-built. I took before pictures and I have pictures of the cabinet with nothing in it. As soon as I get the groceries back in, I will photograph and send in for sharing.

When my kids get picky,my surefire win is mac and cheese.Ofcourse I spice it with my own east indian blend of spices.I can't resist melted grilled cheese though,it's my favorite food of all time.

Hi,Your pantry organisation was very good.I am very much impressed and now after seeing yours I need to organise my pantry also.Can you tell me where did you get the plastic boxes which you have stored urad dal i.e blue color lids and white lids kind of boxes and also above this rack you have stored turmeric and chana dal in some nice set of plastic boxes where did you get those boxes?

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