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Sriracha sauce (Recipe: Asian broccoli slaw) {vegetarian}

Asian broccoli slaw: quick and easy, add any protein you like.

When I open the refrigerator, I need to see certain things in the shelves in the door, in order to know that the universe is in order.

I need to see Dijon mustard and yellow ball-park mustard, and several types of soy sauce, and oyster sauce, and chili paste with garlic. I also need to see orange marmalade, tubes of tomato paste and harissa, and capers.

I absolutely need to see that non-mayonnaise sandwich spread I love, and ketchup from the nice people from Pennsylvania. And Fresca. Of course.

And there must be Sriracha sauce.

Sriracha (pronounced SIR-rotch-ah), created and manufactured in California by Huy Fong Foods, has been a fixture in my refrigerator door for at least twenty years. The Thai-style hot sauce with the rooster on the bottle (the astrological sign of the inventor) found its way to the Chinatown markets I frequent in Boston, and then to my kitchen, years ago.


To make Sriracha, sun-ripened chile peppers and garlic, ground into a smooth paste, are seasoned with sugar, salt, a bit of distilled vinegar and natural preservatives; the resulting spicy hot, naturally-red, slightly garlicky, thick-but-squirtable sauce comes in a plastic bottle with a bright green cap. You can make your own or buy Sriracha in Asian markets, or in the Asian foods aisle of your local supermarket.


Sriracha will keep in the refrigerator for up to two years, but you will become addicted, as I have, and the bottle won't last anywhere near that long.

Make this Asian broccoli slaw vegan, or add shrimp or chicken.

Asian broccoli slaw

Buy the packaged broccoli slaw at the supermarket, if you can find it. Mix up a large batch of the sauce and store it in a jar with a tight-fitting lid, in the refrigerator, for up to two weeks. Serves 4 as a side dish; add some shredded rotisserie chicken, and the salad becomes a perfect lunch or picnic dish.


For the sauce:
2 Tbsp hoisin sauce
2 Tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 Tbsp agave nectar
1 tsp Sriracha, or more to taste
1 tsp rice wine vinegar
Juice of 1 small lime

*1 cup shredded broccoli stems, blanched and rinsed under cold water
*1 cup shredded carrot
*1 cup shredded red cabbage (*or 1 12-oz bag prepared broccoli slaw)
1 small ripe pear, cut into long, thin strips


In a jar with a tight-fitting lid, combine all sauce ingredients and shake well. Taste, and adjust with more or less of any ingredient. Store in the refrigerator if making ahead.

Combine broccoli, carrot, cabbage (or broccoli slaw) and pear in a mixing bowl. Pour on the dressing, and toss well. Let sit at room temperature for up to one hour, or make up to six hours ahead and store in the refrigerator.

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Lydia I was bowled away by that photograph. I knew I had to make the slaw even before I read the text, now how's that for eating with our eyes?

sriracha is my fave sauce! This particular brand is my fave but it's so expensive in Singapore (at least 5 times mark up or more), so I have to find ways of getting them from states or Australia hehe ... great post :)

Once again you've proved that my refrigerator is not a symbol of order in the universe - I've never used sriracha, but this sounds like a lovely slaw to spice up the summer months!

I'm so glad you posted the link to a brussels sprouts recipe! I think of you every time I roast them with bacon and think I really must expand my horizons (so I can serve them to you). I can't imagine anything better.

Great post, as usual! Makes a good topping for a sandwich too!

I use a LOT of sriracha!
I also make a lot of slaw and try to make it with different spices. And now I'm inspired by your creation.

This sounds fantastic! I love Sriracha, which I was kind of a late adopter for. Once I tried it, though, all the other hot sauces in my fridge have been neglected!

Another surprise ingredient - I will definitely try this recipe!

Very pretty! Isn't it interesting how the special cut makes the recipe all that more enticing?!

Sriracha is a fab condiment and I'm sure it's making a dent in the sales of both salsa & ketchup. It's in my pantry -fer sure!

I do love your idea - mix it with mayo for a kick-up sandwich spread!
Personally I love those chunky garlicy chilli sauces, but my husband prefers this Sriracha (oh thanks for helping me how to sound the name :) as it seems going well with everything.

Mmm, I love Asian flavored salads in the summer. Now my daughter and husband are starting to get addicted to them too!

Lydia, Sriracha is one of my all-time favorite condiments. I love to make homemade fried rice and mix it in. YUM. That slaw looks amazing!

This looks like a very flavorful slaw. Sriracha intrigues me, is it really hot? Because I can't handle too much heat.

Sweet...always looking for new srirachi uses and coleslaw screams summer cookout. Maybe some asian style pork chops on the side and I would be in heaven.

This is a 3 bottles at a time in our pantry--I use it in or on just about everything!! What I love about it, beside the heat-is that is has wonderful flavor!!

This looks delicious!

We saw that story in the New York Times too, Lydia! I always love when a really great product has a great story behind it. And yes, we always have Sriracha on hand too. Always.

George, what a lovely thing to say. I was pleased with how photogenic this salad was, too.

Noobcook, I'm surprised that it's expensive, but I'll bet there's a wonderful local product that's similar.

TW, beware. Sriracha is one of those products that is truly addictive, and should carry a label to that effect.

Julia, I can imagine.....!

Joan, Dawn, Kalyn, Peter, Sarah, Jeff, Noble Pig: So glad you are all on the Sriracha bandwagon, too. This is truly one of my favorite condiments.

Mary, this is really one of my secret ingredients, but not such a secret. Do try it!

Alanna, I'm one of those people who prefers the stems of broccoli (and asparagus), so this is a perfect type of cut for me.

Gattina, Janel: As long as your husbands like the heat, they'll come around to Sriracha or other chili sauces. So glad mine loves spicy food.

Zoe, it's hot, if you just put a bit on your tongue. But mixed in with other condiments, I'd say it is medium-hot.

Pat, I agree. The garlicky overtones are really delicious.

Terry, I was glad to learn more about this sauce that's been in my pantry forever. In fact, that's why I love writing this blog -- because I'm getting to learn more about everything in the pantry.

Sriracha always seems to find it's way into soups or will sneak it's way into roasted chicken, cuddled up into my homemade BBQ sauce for a bit of interest.
It's so good that the universe has someone else in it that understands the true meaning of a well stocked pantry.

I'm have to add Sriracha sauce to my pantry. your Asian Broccoli Slaw looks so light and fresh. I knows it's going to be a great summer side dish.

What a great way to use this! Great photos--and I love that you love Fresca!

Kim, Sriracha in barbecue sauce is a great idea. And I think we're not the only pantry lovers out there....

Sally, you'll find all sorts of ways to use this sauce, so it's worth giving over a bit of space in the fridge.

Rebecca, I believe my relationship with Fresca goes far beyond love. The word "addiction" comes to mind. I was happy to read in the NY Times a few weeks ago that Tom Colicchio also keeps Fresca in his fridge at all times!

I got my husband hooked on Sriracha while we were dating, and now he adds it to everything (well except his morning cereal). It's good stuff!

Is it Hufong brand? ;p

I always have this in my frige. My husband uses it almost like a tabasco sauce, anywhere he wants a little heat.

Oh yes...gotta have that bottle of sriracha It almost goes on everything!

I have never tried this sauce. I have seen it -just haven't tried it. I was getting really hungry while reading what you have in your fridge. I love the recipe today! I plan on making this very soon!

My middle son, a college junior, spent the first two years of college with Sriracha in his backpack at all times to remedy cafeteria food blandness. This year, he went off the meal plan :-)

For some reason I haven't replaced my last bottle of sriracha, so thanks for the delicious reminder, Lydia.

Andrea, I definitely would have married a guy who liked Sriracha (and I did!).

Tigerfish, no, it's Huy Fong.

Pam, it's a lot like a thicker, garlicky Tabasco sauce, isn't it?

Veron, I agree. The taste and heat are addictive!

Treehouse, you must try it! Start slowly, adding a drop here and there. Pretty soon you'll be putting it in scrambled eggs and chicken soup and everything else.

Judy, I'm guessing he's still got some Sriracha stashed in his dorm room....?

Susan, you're welcome. My fridge always feels naked without it.

I agree with everything on your shelf-door must-have list. (Except that I like real mayo and am not big on soda pop..)
My fridge seems to be at least two thirds condiments.
Love sriracha, thanks for teaching me how to pronounce it!

Love this sauce, love this post, will be making this slaw. Thanks for posting!

I generally have a bottle of Sriracha on my desk at work for spicing up ordinary teriyaki or cheap chinese to go. Being un-refrigerated, it loses its spiciness, and with time, I put more and more on. Always a bit of a surprise when I open a new bottle and then don't pay attention and add it like I did two days ago, with the much milder almost empty bottle ... Ouch!

Can't say I'm a fan of it on non-Asian food though. My pantry has three hot sauces, Sriracha for everything Asian, Tapatio for Mexican, and Frank's Redhot for American.

Natashya, my fridge always seems to be filled with condiments, too. One day I counted and had 10 mustards. Too many?

Shannon, I'm giggling. I've done the same thing with red pepper flakes, using them well beyond their peak potency, then buying new ones and forgetting to cut back on the amount again.


I have been wondering about this sauce for a while now and I am glad I found this post! Thanks!

Where can I get the sriracha sauce in manchester?

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