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Other People's Pantries #69

From Susy (Chiot's Run), in Malvern, Ohio:

I've included two photos of my pantry closet located in my kitchen. I store most of my dry goods (beans, flour, tea, etc.) in this closet. We are trying to focus on eating local seasonal foods, so we have a different pantry than we used to have.


We eat mainly veggies that are in season from our garden or the farmer's market. We also try to eat mostly non-processed foods so we keep an abundance of staples around but no convenience or pre-made food. We still have a few lurking items in the pantry from our previous eating habits, but those are slowly being phased out.


I'm also a big fan of different kinds of vinegars, so I have a bunch of those lurking in my pantry. We love fresh salads from the garden in the summer and you can't go wrong with some simple vinegar and oil on it.


I have a baking cupboard as well, located above my mixer within reach for quick and easy baking. I really love to bake, particularly bread, so I buy flour and grain in bulk. I only store a small amount in this cupboard. My whole wheat is ground fresh when I need it, but all other kinds of flours are bought in bulk.


This is my spice drawer, which is filled with glass bottles of about a third of my spice collection. I placed labels on the drawer bottom so I know what is in each container. This drawer contains my most often used spices so it's located next to the stove for quick access. More of my spices are located in my closet pantry and in a small cabinet above the stove.


I have a home-canned goods pantry as well (actually two of them). This one is located in my kitchen in an old cabinet.

The remaining home canned items are in the basement. I didn't want to include photos of all of it, but I posted about everything in my home canned pantry as part of the Harvest Keepers Challenge. I also have a huge freezer full of preserved items like, corn, berries, chicken stock, and venison, and I keep a few gallons of olive oil, ordered from a co-op, in my basement pantry.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries was going to end early in 2009, to make way for a new Saturday feature. However, pantry photos continue to roll in, so I'll keep featuring them on Saturdays, in the order in which I receive them, for a while longer. If you've been thinking about sharing photos of your own pantry, now's the time to send them.

Here's how.

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the spice drawer looks uber cool and the vinegars get a ten thumbs up

You have such a nicely organized pantry!

Beautiful stash--and I thought your canning was amazing!

I love your spice drawer, it looks so nice and neat!

I love the spice drawer! So organized.

What a great pantry! I particularly like the silver canisters--do they stack?

Nice, you are very organized, something I am still learning after years and years of trying, I like how things are grouped, and the drawer jars is a great idea. Where did you get the jars?
Thanks for showing us you pantry.

Thanks for the all comments.

The silver canisters do stack, they're some older tupperware from about 10 years ago (wedding present).

The small spice jars are from IKEA. They are very inexpensive, and I love that they fit in the shallow drawers so well. They also stack as well. To keep my spice drawer in order, I was considering labeling the tops of the jars, but since I pretty much know what spices are where, I placed labels on the bottom of the drawer, then when I decide to change a spice I don't have a lid with writing on it, I only have to add a new label to the bottom of the drawer.

I am in awe of your spice drawer. That is so cool!

This is beautiful organization!

What are those big metal containers and where did you get them?! They look awesome for storing flours.

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