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Other People's Pantries #68

From Candy, in Boston, Massachusetts:

I have two pantry storage spots that keep me organized. First, I have a professional tool chest on wheels, purchased from a dealer who fills warehouses with industrial cast-offs.


This tool chest came from Emerson Electric when they moved their manufacturing center to Mexico. It has drawers for my knives, silver, spices, and baking needs. I use two of the drawers for spices.


The thinner drawer holds the typical spice bottles, while the deeper one holds glass containers with cork stoppers. These containers hold the spices for Indian and South East Asian cooking.


My pull-out rack for larger pantry items comes from Germany, and is fabulous for holding anything I need. I store dried figs to pasta to peanut butter to dried mushrooms, clouds ears, grains, and canned coconut milk.


I also have (not shown) two large shelves for polenta, rice, honey, chocolate, hot sauces, salts, peppers, etc.

Thank you all for showing your pantries from around the world! It is fun to peek into all your cupboards and drawers.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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The tool chest seems to be the most original pantry storage unit so far!

Absolutely fabulous! It's amazing the creativity we have to create wonderful spaces for our passions.

Lydia, have I told you how much fun this weekly pantry look is . . . it really is!!

Wow, now that's industrial, I love it.

very fancy indeed. Are you a pro cook.....your kitchen looks very industrial?

That tool chest is SO cool!!!

I love that metal tool chest! What a great idea!

I love the big tool chest, how cool.

That tool chest is fantastic. What a find! I really want to get one of those pull out shelves. Now to convince my husband I need it . . .

I just knew if I kept peeking on Saturday mornings I would see Candy's pantry - it was so worth the wait! I've been fortunate enough to have Candy cook in my kitchen and she may not be a pro in the sense that she is a paid chef, but in every other gustatorial sense she's an All Star...and what she and her brother do to a halibut should not be missed! Thanks for sharing Lydia and Candy.

And the soap stone sink is beautiful!
Great photos, Candy.

Clouds ears?

That tool chest is so cool!

Wowee, what an amazing pantry. Love the tool chest idea. Thanks for sharing Candy.

I also want to hear about "clouds ears" and I want the halibut recipe! This pantry gives a whole new meaning to Meals on Wheels.

Candy has asked me to post this for her:

Thanks, everyone! I loved sharing the photos of my pantry. Clouds ears are a tree fungus and key to Chinese cooking. Hot and Sour Soup depends upon them. They do not have much flavor, but their bite is what makes them special. A texture treat!

Wow! So creative.
That tool chest is so cool!

WOW !!! I love it so perfect what a great Idea!!!

now that's what I call a professional home kitchen set up. I've worked in restaurants that aren't that organized!

Who is the dealer in industrial castoffs? We'd love to get a look at some of that stuff!
Thanks for the peek!

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