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Other People's Pantries #66

From Chris, in Vernon, Texas:

Since our kids are grown we converted a bedroom into our ever evolving perfect pantry.


We stock it with staples mostly purchased using coupons and from membership warehouse outlets for cost savings.

This coming growing season we are going to rely less on the grocer. We are expanding our garden for canning, raising Cornish hens, and we purchased half an aged beef from a local rancher for our freezer.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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nice looking setup you've got going. Do you restock ad hoc, or replace as you use?

I've never thought of converting a bedroom to a pantry. I have a long way to go before any of my children move out, though!

Be still my heart! What a great set up!

Wow. You converted a child's bedroom into a pantry. You are my new hero!

LOVE the pantry! There is something so lovely about such organization. Made my heart flutter! LOL

Wow, nice! I am jealous! You do definitely have flexibility in the kitchen when you have so much available in that pantry!

Wow, converted a bedroom into a pantry! I never would think.... but what a great idea in order to have room to stock up! Love it!

So I vote that we put this week's and last week's pantry together for the ne plus ultra of pantrydom.


Wow Cris really looks nice and neat. I am living in Mexico at this time and I am sure envious of your can foods. :) Some of the larger citys have some of the foods but since they are made or canned here in mexico its just a little off. When we travel to states we stock up. One thing I do is put the date on top of each can that way I no what is the oldest ones and use them first. Sherryinmexico

we have a bedroom as a pantry too. it aso has a "coffee station" with coffee pot, sugar, mugs, and a mini fridge where the helf and half is ;) we don't have enough counter space n our kitchen for a coffee pot so this is a perfect set up

Wow, I'm packing up my kids as we speak I want a room pantry!

Makes me wish I had a spare bedroom!

Oh MY!!! Now THAT is a stocked pantry!

I also did the bedroom into a pantry thing. I also use the room as a prep room (not a lot of kitchen space). Also my small chest freezer shares the space.
I love how organize your pantry is everything in order. Warms the cockles of my heart.

Wow it looks like a mini grocery store.

We keep track of the inventory using accounting software, and all products are dated and rotated.
The chest freezer (not shown) is stocked with meats,cheeses and frozen vegies from the garden using a food saver sealer.
Just bought a new canner and will make use of it this season to cut costs.
Thank you all for the comments, they are much appreciated.
Also, thank you Lydia for showing our Pantry!

Wow, an entire room for a pantry! It would be nice to be able to store everything in one area, I have food in my pantry, cleaning supplies, shampoo, plastic and foil in my linen closet, and paper goods in my Christmas closet. I'm to late to confiscate a bedroom, my husband grabbed two of them and turned them into his media room!


that is all.

And that makes it clear: don't plan on a long stay return ;o)
That is awesome!

I trust you are adding a refrigerated and frozen foods section to this in house grocery store.

God - this is like pantry nirvana... and so organized. You need one of those electronic inventorying and ordering things.


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