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Other People's Pantries #65

From Shelley (My Mountain Home) in McCall, Idaho:

Our freezer is stocked with berries, jam and peas from the garden. My husband also makes wine from the berries. Being at 5,000' we can grow a limited number of crops.


The shelves have applesauce, pickles, jams and jellies, peaches, pears, soups, tomatoes, and salsa.


Underneath the shelves are containers of whole grains and other staples.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries was going to end early in 2009, to make way for a new Saturday feature. However, pantry photos continue to roll in, so I'll keep featuring them on Saturdays, in the order in which I receive them, for a while longer. If you've been thinking about sharing photos of your own pantry, now's the time to send them.

Here's how.

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Oh my word. That is some serious canning...I love it. Wow.

Can I come live at your house....it looks like you need someone to help eat what you make :)

It looks like you live in a shop! Considering all my food is stuffed in to one tiny cupboard, I have serious pantry envy. I had to eat tinned tomatoes for ages just to make enough room for a jar of vanilla sugar.

Exactly! I want to go shopping in your pantry. Or paint a picture of it. Glorious and gorgeous!!!

I have pantry envy!!! I can as well, and have to hide my jars under our bed for lack of space.

Oh wow....pantry envy!!! ;)

::jaw drop to floor!:: wowza. I used to bottle/can - and this tweaks me BIG time to get back into it. What a wonderful abundance of good/fresh foods! Thanks for sharing!

Did you sneak into a warehouse to do the photo? Ball must love you guys!

To add to the admiring crowd: shelves!!

WOW! That is some freezer (whistles). I love my freezer in the cellar but it has never been as full as yours. Forget 'pantry envy', I have freezer envy.

Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement that I am not totally OCD about stocking up! We have that many shelves in the basement storage room because we drew our own house plans. On the opposite wall in this pantry are shelves for actual storage, camping and Christmas and everything in between.

Very cool-looking pantry.


Words fail. This is just terrific!

Okay, now that is a dream pantry.

Breathtaking!!! That is fabulous!!!

I am in awe! I need to do some canning this summer. Not THAT much, but some!

I, too, am envious - mostly that Shelley still has peas from the garden. Ours were gone by Christmas.

wow...she's living a foodie's dream!

Very cool!

Really superb pantry!

(on knees in supplication) YOU are the Queen
I so want to live in your world.
I'm bookmarkning this

You make me want to come live in your house!
What a lovely pantry! Must cost quite some money to get that replenished I suppose!

"martha" would be proud!!! AMAZING! I LOVE IT!

It's not all that expensive. The strawberries and raspberries (frozen, jams and jellies, wine), apples (applesauce, frozen slices), peas (frozen), pears (canned), green beans (frozen and pickled) and some of the ingredients in the soups (like onions) are all homegrown. I visit a farmer's market for the tomatoes, peppers in the salsa, and pickling cukes.

To top it all off, the jars are all uniform. Your pantry is my perfect world!! *big round eyes*

Holy moly that's amazing!

Wow. I'm green with envy.

I could stay in your storage room for hours, enjoying the beauty of it!

Now, _that's_ an inspiring pantry! I'm going to print that picture and leave it on DH's workbench, lol.

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