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Other People's Pantries #64

From Denise, in Leesburg, Virginia:

I came across this blog and was instantly smitten! Here is a peek into my pantry:


The top shelf houses our cereal, candy and my personal stash of Chessmen cookies. The middle shelf contains pasta, sauce, mac-n-cheese, and other staples. Next is the can shelf. We have canned vegetables, soup, and I also have a wire basket that I put my onions in. The last two shelves hold baby food, and various snacks. I keep basics on the floor, paper towels, dog bones, and garbage bags. I am fortunate enough to have enough space to even put our dog's food bin.


This is my baking cabinet. I keep A.P. Flour, brown sugar and white sugar in clear air-tight containers. I *always* keep a bag of chocolate chips on hand as well.


Last is my spice cabinet, I keep olive oil, vinegars, spices and my personal favorite-liquid smoke.

Thanks for peeking into my pantry!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Very neat and organized. I use those same containers for my flour. I take the lids apart and put a bay leaf in - said to not be liked by those little pests that love flour and grain.

I bow down to you and your meticulous pantry, I love a pantry where every label faces forward and everything is so neat and tidy. Now tell me you coupon and I'll be in pig heaven.

Everything is so orderly! Please tell me it's not always so neat?

I love the red hot potato chips near the bottom -- I would go directly to the bag and begin munching. Stopping intermittently to dip a finger in the Skippy peanut butter ;-)

Too organized :)


So organized! I love how much room and light you have.

Ooo, I see you have the same bin for pet food. Isn't it great? And I too have those small round plastic containers with the screw on lids. Love them for storing salt, dried fruit and leftovers.

Wow, so organized.

Wow...everything is so neat and clean and organized! Very impressive!

I love how neat and organized your pantry is and not so cluttered as my pantry is.

Exposure to so many perfect pantries has shamed me into cleaning out mine. Now where do I put the cast-outs?

Thank you all!

I have "self-diagnosed" OCD, and am especially particular about my pantry and cupboards being neat and organized.

Unfortunately, there are times when my pantry is not always this neat, it's usually when my 3 year old gets his hands in there!

Serious pantry envy from me!!

Lydia - if you ever run out of pantry submissions how about starting a new segment..."other people's fridges" I would love to see what and how people keep their fridge's!

I'm always so impressed by other people's pantries! Yours is so neat and organized and well lit! Mine is a) in an incredibly dark hallway) and b) always, always crammed with stuff. My husband in particular would admire your restraint with condiments.

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