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Other People's Pantries #62

From Lola, in Surprise, Arizona:


I admit it -- I'm curious about everyone's pantries! Here's mine, organized, everything is dated and priced so I can keep track of what I pay for things. In these tight financial times I pinch every penny till it screams (twice).


My spice and tea cupboard; the top shelf is filled with crystal stemware that I rarely use.   


Overflow spices that didn't fit on my two-tier lazy Susan. Yes, those are four Tupperware salt and pepper shakers filled with salt, because in our circle of family and friends the first borns always grab a salt shaker and place it next to their plate and refuse to share.

My dry goods cabinet -- my husband built and installed the pull-out shelves in all my kitchen cabinets because we're cheap and the ones we saw advertised in the newspaper were e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e! I highly recommend full extension shelves; it makes life so much easier.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Love that Surprise, Arizona.
Great pull out shelves, one of the best things I ever put in my kitchen. You are organized.

Love the town name..Surprise! This pantry is organization to a T. Wonderful and surely to eliminate any frantic looks for a spice or other ingredient.

I'm starting to develop pantry envy....not good!!!

Wow...you can come organize my panty anytime!!!

I LOVE those pull out shelves and everything is so organized. There is something beautiful to me about that!

I'm going to say again when this feature does end I'm going to miss it terribly.

I am sooooooo jealous of those pull out shelves. I keep looking at the ones they sell at container store and the like and yes, they are expensive! Maybe I can find someone handy to build some for me too!

I love the pull-out shelves. I need to get Mr Chiots on this project for me.

I love the organization, fantastic!

Very nice, I too am campaigning to have this series continued. My house is too small to have a pantry, I have things tucked everywhere. Now where did I put............

I adore your organization! There is something so pretty about an organized pantry:)

**Add me to the list of people campaigning to keep Other People's Pantries!!**

The line...I pinch every penny until it screams twice...is my favorite new line....I'm STEALING it!

Your pantry is gorgeous - I love the pull-out shelves! I've started keeping a dated pantry inventory too - it's so economically helpful...

I'm already checking out my kitchen to see if DH can build some for me!! Love these. I too believe in an organized pantry, how else can one find anything?

One of these days I am going to get the couarage to do this. Very organized and lots of spices too!

Ahwww shucks everybody said such nice things about my pantry! For everyone who mentioned the full extension shelves, I will admit it is the one home improvement project that has made a huge difference in my kitchen, no more crawling on my hands and knees reaching for the pot in the back of the cabinet for me!

I too, wanted a walk in pantry, but I’m quite happy what I have, you really can’t walk into it, but there is lots of storage in there that can’t be seen, it holds all my slow cookers, mixers, baking pans, extra dishes, all my picnic supplies.

I’m voting for keeping the Pantry photos coming, I love seeing what other women have in their kitchens! :o)

Lydia! Don't end this series!! I'm getting my pantry in order soon (spring cleaning) and will be sending you some shots...

wow. great organizational skills. Looks pretty neat! I love sneaking in other people's kitchen. Great post!

wow, she is so organized! I love how everything is labeled, reminds me of my friend Pat's pantry. It is a joy to cook in a kitchen that is that well organized!

Wow! So neat and organized! Love it! =)

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