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Other People's Pantries #61

From Dianne (A Stove With a House Around It), in Akron, Ohio:

We just renovated our pantry, and since it is now my favorite room in the whole house, I thought I'd send along photos for your site. Really, I think I would live in there if I could.

My Dad is my architect and contractor -- we are lucky to have access to his carpentry skills and brilliant pantry-planning mind! The space once housed the washer and dryer, but we moved them to another spot in the house to make way for my dream pantry.


It was important to me to make room for the microwave and toaster oven in the pantry, to free up more counter space for prep work, kneading, the rolling out of dough, etc. I also wanted to incorporate some of my cookbooks to give the space a more bookshelf-y, furniture-y quality (that's also why I asked Dad to build it from wood, instead of that open wire shelving -- I wanted it to be like a piece of furniture).


The space isn't complete yet: on the left side, in front of the floor-to-ceiling shelves, Dad will build a rolling unit that hinges to the center support and will swing out and to the right.  That way, I can store the less-often-used items on the shelves you now see, and nearly double the space for storing canned goods, pastas, grains, etc.

Thank you for indulging my pantry pride, and keep up the good work on the site!  It is rather addictive, I must say....

(You can read more about Dianne's pantry here.)

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That is one amazing pantry, you're very lucky!

What an amazing pantry! I love it!!!

My dream room - I would put our bed right in there, as I would never leave...hmm, probably why I'll never have such a pantry! ;-)hanks for sharing, your Dad's work is amazing!

This has been such a fun, interesting series!

Awesome....thanks for sharing and for making us non pantry types Uber jealous

All I want for Christmas is a 'pantry dad!'

Awesome pantry! Kudos to your dad!

Great pantry and terrific dad! I agree that making the shelving more like furniture gives it a feel that it's a real room. It is!

I love the pantry and was very interested in seeing the blog of the owner.

Very orderly...right down to the foot stools!

What a great pantry! How nice to have such a talented dad.

Thanks, everyone! Dad is going to be very proud when I show him this!

What a gorgeous pantry! I would like to live in there too!

Wow! I love your pantry. Ummm... does your Dad want another daughter. I'm volunteering. ;-)


I want a pantry like that one!

What a fabulous pantry! Lucky you!

I love it, I've always dreamed of a walk in pantry but I'm lucky to have a walk in kitchen! And Akron, OH, so close!

So very jealous of your walk-in pantry!

I'd like to live in your pantry - I wish I had another place for my Cookbook as they are slowly taking over the Dinning room.
One of the things that bugs me is my darn microwave. It smugly takes up a chunk of counter real-estate. Just to have it somewhere else would be like a dream come true. But for now I can look at your pantry and dream.

Thanks again for all your kind comments!

About the microwave -- I saw the idea in a magazine somewhere and thought it was perfect (I'd always been bugged by my smug counter-hogging microwave, too). Since I really only use it for defrosting and as a timer, it made sense to put it in the pantry, out of the way.

Paz, I should like to think Dad needs another daughter, as his life is better with all the women around him. But he says, "You and your sister and mother are enough for me."

Awesome! I would spend major time in that pantry too.

Lucky girl....Lucky girl

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