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Other People's Pantries #59

From Maggie, in Atlanta, Georgia:

We did a gut rehab on this very small house three years ago, but I carved out a large chunk for a walk-in pantry. It has a pocket door so I don't have to deal with the "swing space" required for a hinged door. It's been a hideous mess ever since we moved in, since everything was simply unpacked and evolved with no thought. This last holiday I took everything out, pitched items, gave away some, and organized. I now even have room for suitcase storage at the very top!

It will likely never look this good again, so I had to share.



On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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A totally wonderful pantry.
Even with such good intentions my organization gets fuzzy and I have to get organized repeatedly. One of my mom's favorite sayings was If horses were wishes, beggers would ride.

I have my calendar in the pantry too!

I have my calendar in the pantry three!

I covent your Tangine - And how hard is it to clean those copper pots? and are they really any better?

A walk-in pantry? Really cool! It does look good.


Hi AZ, I love my tagine, and try to use it often enough to justify having it ;-) The interior of the copper parts clean so easily, nothing ever seems to stick. I clean the outsides occasionally: if I spill food on them while cooking, so it sticks/burns, or if I'm in a shiney mood. I just use a copper cleaning product (like "barkeeper's friend") and it just takes a minute or two. I bought the pots in Paris (not all at once, about one/trip), and the largest one travelled with us all over Europe by train, mostly in my backpack. So whenever I use them, I think about my holidays. I love to cook with them, they keep a very even temperature and seem to require a lower flame to reach a saute' or a boil.

Kim...sorry, I read the poster's names in the wrong order, and it was you who asked about the tagine & coppyer!
And here's to all with a calendar in pantry...someplace we're more likely to see them!
And one of my favorite things about the walk-in is that it has a clearstory window up high, so lots of natural light. You can't see that in the pictures.

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