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Other People's Pantries #58

From Marie, in Gridley, California:

Last October I rearranged EVERYTHING to meet the holiday baking/cooking rush. 


Pushed in wooden shelves (it was difficult to find shelving to fit a small pantry) and each subject (Oriental, flours, sugars, chocolates, pudding/jello, rice/beans in jars marked on top, etc.) has its own bin and rice/beans in jars, marked on lids; binders of cooking/baking recipes on top with misc. Potato Buds, tapioca, etc. 

My favorite brainstorm is that shoe rack/bag for all those little jars of coloring and flavoring, vanillas, decorating supplies, etc. and the door CAN shut!


That red mesh sack, on a nail, holds potatoes! What few cans I keep around are on book shelves (books are by computer), bamboo hides paper plates, bowls on top of microwave (for transporting). 



Bakers' rack has most-used herbs (turmeric/coriander/cumin 1:1 mix, lemon pepper, cardamom, pepper flakes, celery seeds, curry, dill, dry basil, pumpkin pie spice) hanging on the side. Being a renter, I can't change the dark paint in bake-pan cupboard, but I use that $1 Christmas candle and that throws out lots of light so one can SEE!


Enjoy this new year with its new challenges, everyone. Off to new failures, oops, I mean, projects!!! But that's the point: do that recipe again, and yet again, until it becomes a harmonious sleight-of-hand of putting it all together, so it will taste scrumptious and look beautiful..a lot like life itself!

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries was going to end early in 2009, to make way for a new Saturday feature. However, pantry photos continue to roll in, so I'll keep featuring them on Saturdays, in the order in which I receive them, for a while longer. If you've been thinking about sharing photos of your own pantry, now's the time to send them.

Here's how.

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I especially love your shoe rack idea. Genius!


This is organization with a capital O! Very creative, especially the use of the shoe bag.

I agree shoe rack is a great idea - do you really cook with all those ingredients?

You have some brilliant ideas (we're here to learn). and the spice mix w/turmeric -- I'm off to make some up now!

I love peeking in other people's pantries. It is so much fun to see how others store things using limited space. I get lots of good ideas!

I too love the idea of the shoe rack that is just the best and will have to use that idea. I'll also have to borrow the idea of the hanging rack for the pots and pans. I'll use it for something else but it will help me with de-cluttering a space that I have. I have the same Danask teak wood shelving units. I love them because you can shape them to your needs.
I too am a renter but I negotiated with my landlord and have changed all of the lighting. But if it is only one light then just change the darn thing and squirrel away the old light for when you leave.

Well stocked. I've always thought about putting a shoe rack on the back of my pantry door for little things. After all I have one on my coat closet door for mittens & hats and one on another door for medicines & other little things like flashlights & extension cords.

Using the shoe rack as a kitchen rack...looks very interesting.Nice one there!

Wonderful bake pans!! So much organizing goes into a pantry and this one has it with a shoe rack!

Yay, I'm glad it's continuing. I know I still need to show you my pantry!

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