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Other People's Pantries #57

From Bethany, in Dayton, Ohio:

This is my pantry. My husband built it for me. It has floor to ceiling shelves, about 7 ft wide and 8 inches deep. I wanted it deep enough to fit a Tupperware container, but shallow enough that things wouldn't get lost.


We put the microwave in the pantry on a deeper shelf to save counter space. I'm addicted to Tupperware. It keeps me very organized.


My entire baking/pasta center has been developed using Tupperware. My mother has been a great help in achieving this organization.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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I'm so jealous to see your pantry. I wish we had the room to make something like that.

Another neatnik...I think those of us who are serious about food don't want to waste any time getting to the right product.

Hey, Lydia, it looks like this event will never end :) Maybe you need to pick a different day of the week to launch the new event you alluded to earlier.

Wow! You are so organized!
I love the yellow walls. So happy looking.

Please keep doing other people pantries... It is interesting and fun to see other pantries.

Personally, I love the other people's pantries segment! But what's the second comment about people who are serious about food don't waste time caring about how they store it? That makes no sense. Seems like if you care about food you want to keep it fresh and not let bugs get it & stuff.

Re: Maria's comment. I think the other comment meant that real foodies wanted to be able to get to what they need quickly so neatness counts big time.

Ah Tupperware. Just bought some large squares on Ebay for storing my baking supplies. It's perfect. So much easier to scoop with the measuring cup than trying to reach into the bag.

Love yellow in the kitchen!
This is so organized it's scary ;) Really a wonderful pantry. 8 inches seems about perfect to me - more and things do get lost.

The idea of flipping some of the containers upside down to get more space is ingenious. I too love the yellow walls. I like the idea of putting the microwave into the pantry for space.

Lovely pantry. I like all the order. I can't believe it's been 57 weeks!

I see some empty space. In my pantry, nature abhors a vacuum and there are no empty spaces. When will I have time to reorganize? If I was one of you clever people who knows how to post photos, maybe I would.

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