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Dark chocolate (Recipe: chocolate-mango-kiwi wontons)


Ted and I agree on many things, but not on everything.

He likes books about King Arthur, a certain Montreal hockey team, watching Spanish-language broadcasts of soccer matches even though he doesn't speak Spanish, white-out snowstorms, and opera.

I don't.

He also likes cilantro, cauliflower, tropical fruits, ham-and-cheese sandwiches, sweetened condensed milk, rutabaga, and fish served with the head on.

I don't.

In fact, until it was too late, until I was years into our marriage, I didn't realize that we differ in another important way:

I am a milk chocolate girl married to a dark chocolate guy.

Dark chocolate is a bit difficult to define, starting with its name; it's also called bittersweet or semi-sweet or sometimes sweet-dark chocolate, which can be confusing.

Then there's the content: A cocoa pod contains cocoa butter and chocolate liquor (solids). Dark chocolate is the liquor, to which sweeteners and some amount of cocoa butter (but no milk solids) have been added.


According to US government standards, dark chocolate must contain at least 35% chocolate liquor. The best chocolates contain 60% or more chocolate solids, often 70% or more. The higher the percentage, the more deep the flavor, but the texture also becomes more dry and chalky. Taste a 90% dark chocolate, and you'll know right away that there's almost no cocoa butter in it.

Many studies have shown that dark chocolate is good for you. Eating two ounces (50 grams) a day of dark chocolate with a minimum content of 70% chocolate solids may help protect against heart disease and high blood pressure, though that protection comes at a high calorie cost.

Dark chocolate has a place in my pantry because it's the chocolate of choice for cooking and baking sweet and savory dishes such as dark chocolate brownies, borlotti bean mole, dark chocolate cherry chews, chocolate cheesecake, and Guinness beef stew.

Yes, it tastes wonderful, but is chocolate really the food of love?

Take a cue from Casanova, the most famous lover of all -- before every assignation, he drank a cup of hot cocoa. I don't know if he shared it with his lady-friends, but all the serotonin in the chocolate no doubt helped to elevate his mood!


Chocolate-mango-kiwi wontons

Adapted from Gale Gand and the Food Network, these wontons are quick and easy to make, especially if you let your friends help with assembly. Fill them with dark, milk or sugar-free chocolate, and fruit of your choice (we used kiwi and mango, but you can try bananas, pears, apples -- or more chocolate). Make sure the wontons are well sealed, or the chocolate will ooze out while you're frying them. Figure on two wontons per person; make as many as you wish.


2 chocolate bars, broken into small squares or rectangles
4 wonton skins per person
1 mango or 2 kiwi fruits, peeled, sliced into 1/4-inch thick rounds
4 cups vegetable or canola oil
1/4 cup cinnamon sugar (cinnamon and granulated sugar mixed together), optional
1 pint vanilla frozen yogurt, optional


Leave the chocolate in a warm place to make it slightly pliable, or warm between your hands. Cut each bar into small chunks and, with your hands, try to form each chunk into a disk the size of a quarter with no sharp edges. Lay half the wonton skins out on a surface and, one at a time, paint the edges with water. In the center of the wonton skin, place a disk of chocolate and a fruit slice on top of the chocolate. Place another wonton on top, and press to seal tightly. Each wonton package should look like a ravioli. Cover with plastic wrap and store chilled until ready to fry and serve, up to 10 hours ahead.

Heat the oil in a wok or deep pot to 350°F. Drop the wontons into the oil, being careful not to crowd them (you may have to work in batches) and fry, turning often, until golden brown, 1-2 minutes. Meanwhile, place the cinnamon sugar in a bowl. Remove the wontons with a slotted spoon and immediately sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar to coat heavily. Serve right away with scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt.

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Dark, dark and more dark. And then, just for a change, a little bite of milk. Then dark, dark dark.

Your wontons look great!

I'm a DARK CHOCOLATE, definitely. I made my wontons with bananas + peanut butter before. I think I may try bananas + dark chocolate the next time. Heee hee...

How cool is that? I love dark chocolate and the wantons look great!

I am definitely a dark chocolate girl.

These look so good! I've been in the southern pacific for the last 5 months and am really getting to love kiwi fruit and wontons!

I'm another milk chocolate girl married to a dark chocolate guy. :)

What a delicious recipe! I'll try ur recipe chocolate-mango-kiwi wontons if I win.

I used to be strictly a milk chocolate girl, but I have grown to love dark chocolate too. And those wontons look mouthwatering. DO you think it would work well with banana?

Dark chocolate for sure!!!

I'm an equal oppurtunity chocolate lover.

I am a dark chocolate lady all the way, except if there is milk or white chocolate around.
Wait......I think that means.......yes.......I am an ALL kinds of chocolate lover!

Love dark chocolate. Thanks for the recipe.

Come on! is there REALLY a bad chocolate. Ask me at 3 in the afternoon Mon-Friday and i will tell you no way, just hand it over.

I used to only love milk chocolate but after reading the nutritional benefits of dark chocolate --- I started trying it in a variety of things. I love it!

That certain Montreal hockey team didn't play so well tonight. ;)
Kiwi and chocolate. Once again you are combining things I never would have thought of. Looks good.

I tried these at the home of a wonderful friend and they were all and more then I even thought. Bring on the dark Chocolate!

Milk chocolate is best---but in a pinch any kind will do! (feeds the addiction!)mmmmmm!

I love all chocolate- too much!

I am a milk chocolate person too. I can certainly eat dark chocolate, or any chocolate for that matter, but I love milk chocolate.

See's was always my mother-in-laws favorite and my husband always brought it back for her from his Chicago business trips.
I'm pretty much just chocolate.
It is funny the way things reveal over time with a mate.

dark chocolate is practically a health food! high in fiber and iron,lol!

I love dark chocolate...especially dark chocolate that actually has no milk solids in it. So many of the more mainstream brands sneak in completely unnecessary traces of dairy. Thanks for the chance to get some free dark chocolate!

I love all chocolate equally.
Ummmm chocolate.

i am not partial to any type of chocolate b/c if i could pick something to nosh on for the rest of my life if would involve chocolate. these looks awesome - i can imagine the crunch as i bite into it.

I loved dark chocolate best even before I knew it was good for me. These wontons look fabulous.

MMMMmmmm...dark chili chocolate, a hint of spice with the dark chocolate and a glass of cabernet, sweet!

Love all chocolates except white chocolate, but dark chocolate is by far my favorite.

I love all things chocolate!!

I really like dark chocolate, but like many of your readers would not turn down milk chocolate either!

I bought wonton wrappers & am giving these a try but with bananas. Thanks for the recipe!

how did I miss these? my goodness these look soooo good! excellent post here!

yum! these look delicious.

Mmmm... Dark!!

I love milk chocolate and I love See's Candies. Years ago, I rented a house where the landlord sent a box of See's chocolates every year for Christmas. The kids and I loved it.

See's giveaway-they are my favourite hands down over Godiva

Big fan of dark chocolates up to about 80% before I can no longer tolerate in the raw. I do have a torrid relationship with chocolate, one many may find odd. I will buy myself a really good bar of chocolate or some truffles. Then they will last me a good 2 weeks as I can and will limit myself to just one piece a day. In the case of a chocolate bar, I will just break off one of the small scored squares - if no squares I will snap off a piece.

Dark Chocolate makes me melt... too bad my supplier is going out of business!

Oh my - dark chocolate is the way to go. Love this stuff. Your wontons are gorgeous!

See's Chocolates...oh my! What a perfect give-away!

I'm a white-chocolate girl, which I know doesn't contain any cocoa, but that's okay. My husband loves DARK chocolate, 72% or higher!

Oh My Goodness.... These look incredible. I love the idea..... they are fairly simple to make, and look wonderful. I will be trying them this weekend.

As for chocolate -- semisweet to bittersweet is my favorite. I think about 72% is my absolute fav for eating plain.


I love milk chocolate for eating straight, but I do prefer dark chocolate in cookies or fondues, or chocolate covered strawberries!

I used to be totally devoted to milk chocolate, but I've recently become a dark chocolate convert. Milk now tastes way too sweet to me.

I can't wait to try this recipe. It looks great!

Chocolate (any kind) is my addiction, and I'm afraid I've passed it on to my children!

See's candy is THE BEST. I can't even imagine how good it would be in this recipe. Divine. I would bet this recipe would also be good with banana. Thanks so much for the recipe. Maybe See's should kick in some Scotch Mallows too. Oh, man.

Dark chocolate for me please! :)

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. The giveaway is now closed; winners to be chosen in the morning!

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