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Other People's Pantries #53

From Peter (Kalofagas), in Toronto, Canada:

Here are a couple of photos of my cellar, which acts as a pantry and wine storage. Its contents are an extension of whatever supplies and provisions are used in the kitchen.



I have a long wall of shelves full of kitchen ingredients and a new rack for my budding wine collection.


Dried goods, jarred and canned foods, pasta, rice, legumes, herbs and spicies, olive oils, baking trays, dishwashing liquids, towels and liquor, beer and wine are all stored in the pantry/cellar.

And I also use the pantry to dry and cure meats such as sausage, or as seen in the photo...pastourma!


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries will be ending soon to make way for a new Saturday feature. However, we'll keep peeking in pantries as long as you keep sending your pantry photos. So, please send your photos as soon as possible.

Here's how.

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Now that I've gotten a peek, I see what I always suspected...Peter is a true foodie! I'm impressed with the 'budding' wine collection -- they don't last long enough here to make a collection. And the hanging pastourma is a WOW.

Fun seeing Peter's Pantry. I had a feeling he would be pretty well stocked!

Looks just like I thought his parents' pantry might look like. Who drinks the Maxwell House coffee?!

Hi folks, I wish this pantry/cellar was right beside the kitchen...lots of exercise!

I'm going to need another wine rack for the budding collection as for the instant coffee, my dad devours the stuff whereas I'll have Greek or regular brewed coffee.

I didn't know you could cure meet just like that at home. How cool!

Peter is stocked for ages. I need to build up my pantry supplies.

WOW. I could take a shopping cart and shop in that pantry. Very well stocked!!!

Aah, there's that beautiful Pastourma! What's the temperature in your cellar? Do you do anything special so that you can cure the meat down there?

How lucky you are to have a dry, bug free cellar. Mine, though large enough, is too damp (sob).

Ah the wine rack, my favorite part ;) And drying & curing your own meat, fascinating, something I've never done!

Love that pantry. And that wine rack. Super!

I'm inspired to see what people like Peter are able to do with their basements! And, curing meats, no less. I'm afraid to venture into my basement ...

Great pantry, love the wine rack!

Peter - is that Captain Crunch in that first picture!

Definitely loved seeing Peter's.

And the boxed cereals made my day. Golden Grahams were the junk food of my teen years.

finally got a chance to see Peter's pantry. It's so well stocked and what a nice wine collection!~

Looks like many of those "wine" bottles are really filled with homemade ouzo. Do you have a still in your pantry too? Your grape leaves look excellent.

Courtney, a well stocked pantry gives one so many options when cooking and you save some $.

Julia, the cellar is a cool (basement), at around 16C and nothing special other than it being bug free & not too humid.

Chris, yes...Capn' Crunch! lol

Peter, good eye, those bottles are filled with Tsipouro - similar to Ouzo.

Now that is a fabulous pantry.

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