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Other People's Pantries #49

From NibbleScribbler (Scribble the Nibbles), in Surrey, England:

I love my pantry because it's been newly rejigged, so even though the design isn't perfect, and it has great potential to pile up lots of cans and bags that you can't read or decipher, I'm now able to see everything I need to see -- from old faithful dried pulses and staples in the top left corner, across to the starches, cereals, the 'exotic' tins, and the staple tins on the top shelf, the baking goodies on the second shelf and the bags in the bottom left corner with all necessary liquids cold on the bottom. 

I am just so chuffed with its revamp from the pile of indecipherables that I had to share it!  It has made a vast difference to ease of cooking! 



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Rejigged is my new favorite word.

Rejigged what a perfect word. Being able to see what's there is the best!

I love how there's a place for everything. I like the word 'rejigged', too. ;-)


When people say that it is hard to cook at home my first thought is that they either do not have a pantry or where they store food and use as a "kinda" pantry is so descombobulated that they can't find a thing.
I love the way you have the shelving it has so much potential.
PS - is that marble???

rejigged, love it -- every "other people's pantry" post makes me want to rejig my own!

I love this panty b/c it is stocked with alcohol - I don't drink much but the occasional glass of wine - but I do love spirits in my cooking!

I'd send along a photo of our pantry, but I am ashamed of its current state of (dis)order... However, thanks to these postings I have decided to do something about it posthaste!

Marble indeed Kim! Best way to keep things cool (not that we're needing much help with that in the UK at the moment...see that big jug of green olive oil down the bottom? That was frozen the other day in our -12C spell...). Anyone ever seen frozen olive oil? Nope, thought not...

Page - before you go thinking we're all alchies here in Surrey...in my defence...not ALL the bottles are mine!

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